Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a random collection of crap

Because I tend to experience suckage in the form of blogging more often than not, I figured I would struggle to throw together a random jumble of crap for y'all today as my blog post. Sound good? Good.

1. First and last mention until 2016 when ideally the country is still standing because whomever takes office waves their magic wand and solves all the problems of the world. Oh wait. That will never happen. So maybe we should stop searching for the most perfect candidate in the world ever to make it happen, and just focus on who is more concerned about working towards solving the problems at hand. No one president will solve all of our problems. To seek one is to seek perfection. So yeah.. stop doing that. And just vote. I don't care who it is (alright, I do, but not enough to actually pursue it). Do not forfeit the right that lives were lost to earn for us. Don't waste something like that.

2. Today while watching a DVR'd Halloween episode of Kate + 8 or whatever the hell they are calling it these days, I saw a preview of Breaking Amish. And, well, because this here reality show whore doesn't have enough reality trash to make fun of, I hopped OnDemand and started searching for it. Lucky for me, they had it. So far I have a few thoughts...
Abe - What a cutie pie. Honestly I think he is the only one of these kids that I like at all. He is adorable, seems really kind, looks like a leprechaun (in a good way), and just seems like a sweetie.
Jeremiah - Ew. He looks like a closet serial killer. Like, the kind you don't know about until you Google them because their non-creepiness becomes less and less consistent. Anyway, you're a weirdo, Jeremiah. But I am glad you think you are so cool, because no one else does.
Kate - She looks a lot like Elisabeth Moss. And I wish she would eat more food. She's pretty, but being a stick figure because she never eats makes her less pretty.
Rebecca - She's cute, but she would be cuter if she could form coherent sentences without sounding like she had just downed a handle of Smirnoff. Oh wait, she probably had, because these kids are like a bunch of high school students who got their paws on mom & dad's liquor. Seriously? Are we looking to experience life outside of the Amish community or life before the AA meetings begin?
Sabrina - I can't figure out who cries more. You or Kate? Stop it. Everyone is called a slut or whore at one time in their life, right? Sure, maybe in your case people aren't joking about it. But maybe stop acting like one and the name-calling will stop as well?
- Also, I didn't get to catch the early episodes of the show, but can I just ask why they would end up in NYC? They were looking to get away from the Amish-ness for a while, I understand. But to go to NYC is to have the Amish crap kicked out of you. Sheesh. I feel shell-shocked in NYC, and I grew up with a life of indulgence and electricity and education beyond the eighth grade. I can't imagine what NYC looks like to someone who has never experienced that kind of thing.
- I'm on episode eight, but I don't really know what that means. Because they seem to be packing up the clothes they won't be allowed to have, and heading back to wherever they came from. Am I at the end? I do have a knack for catching on super late. ;)
In the least offensive way possible, I disagree with any culture that so harshly restricts and shelters its people. In my opinion, to cut them off from the rest of the world and its practices is to attempt to control them. It's weird and puts them at a severe disadvantage, should they not be able to remain in the Amish community for whatever reason. And by the way, it makes them go apeshit when they finally get their hands on alcohol. Holy crap. I'd love to take a look at Kate's liver after her stint on this show. I understand and respect religious beliefs, but at the same time, I don't think God loves any of us less because we move with the flow of progression........ know what I mean? I do apologize if I am offending anyone. I just think we all have earned the right to enjoy a drink every now and then. Ha. Kidding. Kind of.

3. Is it wrong that I may be willing to spend $11 to see the last Twilight disaster in theaters just so I can finish the making fun of K.Stew that came to a dramatic to be continued halt at the end of the first one?

4. It has only been like, 4 days, but I'm really nervous Starbucks wants nothing to do with me despite the disgusting amounts of money I spend there on a daily basis, let alone in a fiscal year. However I am also overly dramatic and fear the worst at all times. I'm just so into the idea of leaving my current job, that the notion of this thing not working out is pretty crippling. Gulp.

5. I need a new laptop. I think I will have to give up on the MacBook Pro dream this time around. Oh well. I'm sure I won't lose that much sleep over saving $800. Any recommendations? I'm leaning towards an HP... I've heard good things.

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday, thanks for sitting through another pointless post. ;)

Happy Election day, I hope you aren't all shitting bricks over the outcome like I am.

Lies. I say that now, but by the time anyone actually reads this, I will have already voted, and also forgotten that it's Election Day. Because I don't have room for political clutter bullshit in my brain at the moment. ;)

Anyway, stop reading this psycho babble and go vote!