Wednesday, November 7, 2012

text analysis: my responsibility or not?

So as I'm sitting here half-dressed, completely unmotivated to move an inch beyond my trip to Starbucks and back because last night's election stress ravaged my sanity, I receive a text from work.

Because, of all the people in my contacts, it had to be the most stressful, annoying category.

This woman is old-new. She worked here before, and then quit a little while after because she had another job where the hours were better and there was actual money. Go figure.

But now, like the rest of us foolish individuals, she is back. She has been back a couple weeks, and has proven to have the same skill level she had when she left. My boss isn't thrilled with her, but when you have 3.5 staff members because you refuse to hire new people when asked to, you kind of sort of have to take what you get when you get it. It's kind of like, refusing to vote, and then bitching about the president. See what I did there?

So anyway, this text.

Sam I tried to call the restaurant, got the machine. I have bronchitis, taking medicine, still feel like shit. Won't be in tonight, sorry. Do you think Bad Server or Drama Queen might work? Will you please let someone know for me. Thanks.

Punctuation added for your viewing pleasure.
So, after thinking about it for a few minutes, I looked up Bad Server & Drama Queen's numbers, and sent them back with this:

I would try them, yeah. 
Bad Server 123-4567
Drama Queen 890-1234

I forgot to say feel better! Because she has been complaining about being sick for three weeks now (pretty much since she has been back), and I'm tired of saying it. Oh, and I forgot. But that is neither here nor there. Onto my question - is it my responsibility to alert someone that she is not working? Someone meaning my boss? Or the two numbers I listed?

I'm going to go ahead and say no, because this always happens. Someone can't come in, texts me, and then suddenly it's my responsibility to cover a shift? No way Jose. I have fallen into that trap one too many times. I'm sorry you're sick, but I have never been able to just call out when I don't feel well. I either cover my shift or work. So why is everyone else allowed to?

My boss pays me the same amount as everyone else. Sometimes less because checks bounce like Mexican Jumping Beans around these parts. So, I have made the decision to stop doing the whole above and beyond thing, because it doesn't serve me. It hasn't served me for three point five years now. So I have made a three point five year donation. And I'm done with that.

But does my text message make that clear? Or does the fact that she sent it to me make it automatically my issue to deal with?

Ugh. Please call me back Starbucks. Save me from this place.


In response to the text I sent her with the numbers, I got this response:

I'm sorry Sam I don't mean to call out, I can't stop coughing, I'm so sick. Bad Server said she'll work. Do you think maybe you could text Big Boss? I don't have her number. Thanks, sorry to bother you!

Which would have been fine. Texting the boss is whatever, I guess, because the shift is covered, so it won't become my problem. Not that Boss will be thrilled with Bad Server working, but hey, your problem lady.

Anyway, I forgot to respond, because I was texting Boss/being tweeted at at the same time, and that obviously took precedence. So Old-New Woman texted me the same thing. Exact  same thing. Again.

And I figured she did it by accident, so I ignored it.

And just now, an hour later, she sent another repeat message. I think she is literally just copy-pasting until I respond. I'm tempted to shoot the stare-down of text messages. The "Ok." But I'm curious to see how many times she'll text.

Just kidding. I'll text her after I post this. If I remember. :p