Sunday, January 29, 2012

consider me attached.

Friday was ... interesting, to say the least.

Around 4:30p, my brother, mom, and I got in the car and drove to Baby Mama's house.

The way we were received, it was like nothing ever happened. It felt like we were visiting friends, it was friendly and only had a few awkward silences.

However because I know how BM and Baby Mama's mom did act, I didn't believe it for a second. And when I wasn't holding the cutest baby on the planet, I was taking pictures while silently analyzing the shit out of them and the situation.

But, enough about them. This was about one person. One sweet little angelic baby, Ellie.

I probably won't say this again until I have kids, but seriously... she is perfect.

Watching my brother hold his daughter was... not to sound cheesy, it was amazing. I even teared up twice, and I saw him fighting back tears at one point. It was such a great moment to witness. And even if things do turn sour with this (hoping not), I will always be grateful that he was able to meet her in such a civil setting.

 Seriously. I was ready to let the water works start a-flowing. My brother is a daddy. Look how comfy that little nugget looks snoozing in the second pic. =]

When I was holding her I got a close up. She was just so darn adorable. She's 6 days old in these pictures.

One last shot of the little bean!

As far as how things were left... Baby Mama is just too young. She doesn't get it. She is being selfish and hopefully she will come around as time goes on. I realize she just gave birth, and the first month is probably the most exhausting and stressful, so we can "try again" for "why can't we all just get along?" a little later after things settle down. But I'm hoping it won't be necessary. She said something in a text to me about how she "just wants what's best for Ellie"... I could have taken that in one of two ways.
A. Whatever it takes to benefit Ellie, I'll do (aka, we'll make this work)
B. It might be better for Ellie (aka myself) to leave things how they are (aka, I'm going to make this as difficult as possible because I'm too young for this responsibility)

But... yeah... we'll see, I guess.

Hoping for the best, still.

But whatever. She is gorgeous, and I'm so thankful we got to meet her. =] 

Consider me attached.