Monday, February 25, 2013

Coffee Giveaway (Mark-Out Monday #2)!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a phenom. weekend! (Linking up here.)

It's time for Mark-Out Monday, week two! Which, if you weren't around for last week's, is a giveaway of my 1 lb. of coffee or box of K-cups from Starbucks! This will happen mostly every week, unless I need to snag it for myself or someone else every so often!

But before I get to that, I just need to share with everyone what my Saturday night looked like.

Anyone heard of the Harlem Shake? The current trend floating around YouTube?

I had heard of it, but never really knew until I researched it Saturday evening when I got a text from Anthony's sister's friend saying we were all doing a Harlem Shake video, and to get over there ASAP, lol.

Apparently it is this little craze where you start out with a seemingly normal scene, all relaxed and calm, with just one person dancing like a weirdo. Then about fifteen seconds in, it cuts to everyone dancing like idiots to this one harlem shake song.

Sounds ridiculous to explain. But I will say, I probably couldn't have come up with a better way to spend my Saturday night. :)


Meet my girlfriend Anthony, the cheerleader. Hehe. And to spare his poor dignity, I have to let you know, he was all but forced into wearing the uniform to appease his sister and her friend. Hehe. Nice bro. :) I will say though, he certainly knew how to work those pom-poms. Go team!

From right to left: Anthony, behind him is his mom decked out like a MILF. Next to him is his dad wearing his mom's coat. Behind his dad is an oompaloompa me wearing his sister's snowsuit. Next to Anthony's dad is his sister Olivia wearing footy pajamas, behind her is her friend Lauren wearing a biking over a huge fuzzy thing, holding their dog Ginger. Behind her is Anthony's brother Michael wearing a ski mask and gloves, and then far left is my cousin wearing a scarf on his head and sunglasses.

And a few pictures from the night.

Lauren & I, and then Lauren & I again with Anthony creepin' in the back.

Lauren & Olivia 

 And then Lauren and I afterward.

let's get to the giveaway, shall we??

This week I will be featuring a medium roast. And we might as well start with our house blend, no?

Pike Place
A Latin American bold, yet balanced blend.

Tasting Notes
Smooth & balanced

Pairs Well With
Chocolate, cinnamon, nuts

*I can offer this in either whole bean or K-cups -- winner's choice!*

To Win:
I use the number of comments at to choose the winner. So please leave a separate one for each entry if you want it to count! :)

[+1] Follow my blog.
[+1] Tweet about it.
[+1] Tell me which "character" from our Harlem Shake was your favorite. (I'll eliminate myself as an option right now so no one has to lie during Lent. :p)

Good luck!!