Saturday, January 14, 2012

why I'm posting this

Well, because I can.

And I can because of good ole TheraFlu.

The latter half of this week was spent with me hating life with body aches, chills that hurt, headaches, chest congestion, and, well, these kind of parties aren't complete without a nice little cough to keep you up at night. ;)

I would probably still be roughin' through it right now, shivering my ass off in bed it if weren't for this trusty little miracle that is TheraFlu.
dear theraflu... I love you
For realz, yo... When I took the first sip of the Severe Cold and Cough TheraFlu, I was about as crazy about the taste as I was confident that it would do anything. After all, it's practically tea.

Boy was I wrong. That stuff had me up and about in literally minutes. The chills were gone, the headache gone, the achy lungs- all gone. And I was at my grandma's for her birthday like that.

Same went for last night. I was miserable at work all day, and couldn't wait to go home and spend the next 24 hours in my bed with my friends Modern Family and Pretty Little Liars.

But, as I'm so not a sit-around-and-do-nothing-all-day-long type of person (I get bored... easily), about 2 hours into "sweating it out"... literally... ew (was rocking a sliiight temperature) I was bored out of my skull and desperate to get out of my house and to the nearest Starbucks pronto. So I gave TheraFlu another whirl, hoping it would have the same effect as the night before, and that it wasn't just a coincidence or burst of adrenaline or something.

Well, much to my glee- it did. I was out of the house within 15 minutes. Seriously, this stuff is a temporary miracle cure. It was crazy how fast any and all symptoms were gone. I went to Starbucks, filled my tank, and went to Walmart. The effects last about 5 hours, but the beauty is you can take this every 4. I prefer to only take things when absolutely necessary so as not to diminish effects, but for those who do like to take a daily maximum, according to the label this can be taken up for 6 times a day (every 4 hours).

I'll be sucking back a cup of it in about 50 minutes before taking off to a comedy club with A, his brother, and his brother's friend... Waiting as long as possible so the effects will last as long as possible given the time that I plan to be out... hopefully they serve straight up hot water at this joint! Hehe.

So... in this horrendous season of colds and flu, I highly, highly recommend this little gem. Works wonders!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Mackenzie tagged me in one of her posts the other day for a questionnaire... I'll be working on that for my next post!