Friday, March 1, 2013

friday's letters...

Dear March,
Where did you come from?? It feels like it was just February 1st! But, as long as you're sticking around, I was wondering, can you come in like a lamb and go out like one? While I was on the deck this afternoon, I had a weird "flashback" type moment like any given character on LOST (sound effects and all) when I saw patch of grass finally peeking through the melting snow. Okay, so it wasn't a flashback... more of an "oh my gosh, I just remembered what it felt like to be warm!" and the smells of spring and summer came flooding in.... Enough of the description. It's making me sad. My point is, I had a feeling that spring will be closer than we think.... don't make a fool of me, March.

Dear English Teacher,
So um... about that homework I submitted last night... I'm sorry if, in an attempt to put a lot of thought into the poem called "My Papa's Waltz", I over-thought and took from it that "Papa" had a drinking problem, and his "waltz" was another word for "abusive tendencies". Turns out it was actually about a kid dancing with his father. Whoopsy. In my defense, I was on a lunch break at work, and was far more focused on my oatmeal and Facebook than I was the book of poems. But anyway, sorry "Papa" for accusing you of being an abusive alcoholic. My bad. Drink your whisky without further judgment from the peanut gallery over here.

Hey... I hate poetry... what can I say?

Dear Coworker,
I realize I'm still newish, but I must say, while sometimes I like you, most of the time I just stand there and silently analyze your very obvious self-esteem problem while you babble on and over-share thinking you are impressing me with who you're currently hanging out with. I am new. Don't you see? You all look the same to me.

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
Question for you... speaking of work... I have been invited to a couple little things lately by my new coworkers. While I want to be social with them, and I'm not looking not to be friends... I did that whole thing with my last job, and well, it got to a point where I wished I had been a little more removed from the place during my four years there. Anyway, there is a little shindig happening on Sunday, and I don't feel like going. I'm going to make a sincere effort to be the person I wished I had been at the CB: the one who comes to work, does their work, has fun with coworkers while at work, but then returns home to her real life when the day is done. So here is my question: should I straight up say I don't want to go? Or should I make something up, like I have too much homework? I do have quite a bit, but, I also don't want that to sound like a go-to excuse. While I like the people there a lot, I am just not really looking for a social outlet outside of work, at the moment. Know what I mean? Not to mention there seems to be a boatload of drama involved with the people here too... so do not miss that aspect of my last job.

Happy Friday!

By the way, I am one follower away from the big 1-0-0! If I get there before Monday, I will include the Mark-Out Monday coffee giveaway in a bigger giveaway to celebrate, woohoo!