Tuesday, December 11, 2012

the green apron

It's official! I am a barista in the making!

Do you love the way I nonchalantly shoved my perfect Christmas tree into the picture? Or, shoved the picture into the tree, may be more accurate. And yes, my tree is perfect this year. Not in a braggy way. Because I didn't pick it out. Or grow it. But regardless, it is perfection. I could sit and stare at it. Anthony better watch out. I might leave him for this tree.

Pictures don't do it justice.  Clearly, I kind of dig this tree.

But anyway, yeah, yesterday was my very first day checking out life from behind the Starbucks counter.

It was definitely a lot of information to take in, and I know there will be a lot more, but while I'm still a little apprehensive, I can't help but also be a little bit excited to escape the CB. Everything about Starbucks is better. The atmosphere, the organization, the cleanliness, the professionalism... it's awesome. I thought I knew about coffee.... I know nothing about coffee. That shit is a science! And Starbucks? It's not a store. It's a culture. And I'm rambling. I know. I'm sure once the honeymoon phase is over, I'll fall back into "ugh, I have to work." but, hey, I'll take this early bliss for as long as I can get it!

Today is day two... hopefully it will go well! Ahh! This new job thing. If I had known the first day would have been this easy breezy, I would have peaced out on the CB long ago!