Monday, March 11, 2013

coffee giveaway #3 -- Mark out Monday!

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry for my absence lately! Between working, and tying up loose ends at school before spring break, I haven't had any time to spare for blogging. But I'm back now!

For Mark Out Monday!

This week, I am offering up a pound of Tribute Blend.

Tribute Blend
A spicy, full-bodied, multiregion blend. This particular coffee is a limited edition, created by Seattle coffee masters for Starbucks' 40th Anniversary. It includes the four most popular Starbucks coffees - Ethiopian (dark cherry notes), aged-Sumatra (syrupy body, spicy flavor), Papua New Guinea (juicy & herbal), and Colombia (balanced and nutty). I have tasted it twice now, and I love it!

Pairs well with:
berries, oatmeal rasin cookies, chocolate

The berries were my favorite... it really brings out a great flavor and completely balances out the coffee.

This is a limited edition coffee -- if you win and like it, make sure to pick some up before it's gone!

To win:
+ Follow my blog
+ Follow my tweets
+ Tweet about the giveaway

Good luck! This is a good one! :)

thank you for participating!