Friday, January 27, 2012

some Friday randoms..

... yesterday at work was actually kind of busy (what??)

... yesterday at work I also witnessed a couple lecturing their daughter on her recent DUI. Mind you, I work in a bar. Best part? When their daughter was in the bathroom, father of the year asked the bartender to slip him half a drink. Role models!

... today is the day... we meet my brother's baby. Gulp. So nervous. Nervous it may get heated, nervous I'll get attached (scratch that, I know I'll get attached, I was attached as soon as I saw her picture)... Just nervous. So hoping it will go smoothly and some sort of understanding can be reached. Gullp! My mom and I went baby shopping yesterday. I felt bad and kept telling my mom not to go crazy with the baby clothes. I've always been super protective of my mom's feelings... It like, hurts to think that she is buying all these clothes for a baby they may try to withhold. Erg. Such a shit situation. Hoping for the best though. Ahh!

I'll definitely update on this little sitch later on. For now I have to go to work... bleh.

Happy Friday!