Thursday, January 19, 2012

just a thought

... I wish I had gotten that cookie at Starbucks


... what should I eat for dinner?

... I wonder if I will have to close tonight?

... I should paint my nails when I get home


... I wonder where the person in front of me is from?

... I hope someone let Maddie out since I left

... tomorrow is going to be fun.


... it would be cool if I got out of work early tomorrow.

... should I suck it up and close at work and make $20? Or forfeit the money and get some sleep?

... I really wish I had gotten that cookie at Starbucks.


 ... Snow is pretty.

... I really like this song.

... Which reminds me, I have to remember to bring my iPod in when I get home so I can add the new songs to it.

... Seriously???

... Cookie..........

... I'm bored.

Those were just some of my thoughts as my 6-minute ride from Starbucks took 15 while driving through literally, a dusting of snow. The snow was blowing away as you drove toward it. However the person in front of me felt compelled to drive under the speed limit on a road that was almost clear. Then, when we got to the nastier back roads, he/she decided to speed up to the normal speed limit.


It's just snow. And that's being generous. It might as well have been confetti being sprinkled throughout my town, that's how effortlessly it was moving over the road.

Gotta love the fellow drivers ;).