Thursday, January 12, 2012

nine tenths of a century

My grandma turns 90 today!

As surprising as this may sound, this is no shocker to any of us.

I know in most cases, 90 is a big deal, and I guess it still is. But, knowing my grandma, it was more like,

"why wouldn't she hit 90?"

If you met my grandma, she's, well, 90,
looks like she's 80,
acts like she's 70.

I think my aunt's Facebook status from a couple days ago speaks for itself...

That lady is going to outlive us all.

I don't have many pictures, since she all but swan-dives out of the way the second the camera emerges.

So I have a couple shots that I either stole from my aunts' Facebooks, or snuck myself while G-dawg wasn't looking.
two summers ago gardening it up in her yard
same day, inside, she started to look at me, so I had to act fast.. sorry for blur.. and for my Dunkin' Donuts making a cameo ;)
my grandma, one of my aunts, and my grandpa probably 18 years ago
grandma lighting up a cig at my cousin's wedding in 2003... she finally gave that up earlier this year.. hehe.
Happy 90th birthday, G-mama! I have no doubt there will be plenty more of these! Love you!