Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wheeling & Dealing.

Hey guys, & welcome to my new blog!

Apparently every year the whim to start fresh & new strikes me. This is my third blogger blog, and what I hope will be the last. I finally chose a name that can encompass life in general rather than just a phase of my life so, I'm hopeful that it will last longer than just a year. Ha. We'll see.

But more on that later. Today is a day of celebration! Well, kind of. In a "lesser of the two evils" kind of way.

I am cleaning my room, which isn't awesome, but it sure as hell beats where I could have been today.

Which is... j u r y  d u t y.

You know that phrase "deals are for the devil"? Well, I prefer to think deals are for the desperate. Aka, those trying to get out of an excruciating day of sitting and waiting to be interviewed. Aka, me.

I may or may not have gone so far as to pray that I wouldn't have it, and, erm... might have mentioned a certain vow to clean my room today if I were to be spared the task of jury duty.

Good news?
Consider me spared. (hey thanks, God!)

Bad news?
I'm stuck home cleaning. Until I go to work because I had to pick up a shift due to a sick staff member. Hey, what can I say, when it rains, it pours I'd rather being doing both than sitting at jury duty.

Have you ever had to go to jury duty? What was it like? Luckily twice I've been summoned, twice I've been spared, and therefore twice my room has been given a good once-over in the cleaning department in the last two years... hehe.