Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have been mildly obsessed with laziness and all it entails...

I'm currently loving ....

Twitter. (Well, this is nothing new.) I've always been a little bit addicted to pretending people care about my mundane day-to-day, and updating the twit feed. I love the idea of real time updates that are supposed to be frequent. I rarely shut up anyway, so for there to be a place where that's okay? Word. Do you tweet? Let's stalk each other, yes? Hit me up!

The Kardashians. Stay with me on this. Until recently, I was on the "wait, why are the famous again?" bandwagon. Then one day I got bored, and my TV somehow landed on E! There was a Khloe & Lamar marathon. Of all the Kardashians, Khloe was always the most tolerable. I thought she was funny, and I think she and Lamar are cute. The others, eh. After that marathon, there was a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon. I never minded that fraction of the Kardashian franchise, I guess. Bruce Jenner is funny, and like, oddly adorbs in that "old and cute" sort of way. But now.... yeah, slight addict? When the marathon ended... I'll admit it. I turned to OnDemand and actually looked for the show and was sad when I only found 3 episodes. It's like, the new The Hills for me. There is something about celebrities being followed by cameras all day that appeals to me. Don't ask me why. I actually hate the idea that money is being wasted on this. Hypocrite much?

Bottled Water. This is silly, considering it's probably less healthy, but water from a bottle just tastes better. It's portable, I can cap it and take it anywhere... Something about it being in a bottle makes me drink it more often. I down like, 4 bottles a day lately. When I have water in a glass, I don't actually drink it. I just pour it and, and it ends up maybe 3 sips less than it started, with a little dust added to the mix.

Painted Nails. I am a nail biter. I've been trying to stop. But I find the only way I don't nibble is when they are painted. Yay for being OCD! So I've been maintaining the nails for the last couple of months... hoping the habit breaks soon! What's your favorite shade of nail polish? The natural shades? Pales? Reds? Vibrant? I am open to pretty much everything. I have a very wide rainbow of nail polishes, and it just depends on my mood. Currently I'm rocking a sort of dull magenta-y color. Love it! Another thing I do? I buy a new nail polish pretty much every time I'm in the store. Waster. But I always buy the cheap ones. So I don't usually miss that extra $1.59.

There was more, but I think my brother has strep. His car is in the shop, so I'll be chauffeuring him to the good ole doc in a few minutes. I'm sure I'll be tweeting my boredom from the car. Teehee.

What are you loving nowadays?