Wednesday, February 15, 2012


hey everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's day!

You might notice the clusterf*ck that is my blog right now... transitioning between a wintery layout and a new one for St. Patty's Day (because I look forward to the holiday right up until the very second I have to clock in and work it!), so, bear with me a few more days, and it should be all finished.

Quickly playing catch-up (because I'm currently trying to watch last week's and this week's episodes of SVU at the same time), just thought I'd brush through the highlights of the week..

I worked, and it was sl-ow. On the serving end, we talked about how my friend wants to live in a trailer. I designed it for her. In the kitchen, they built a Mr. Potato Head. We find ways to keep busy, apparently. ;)

Two highlights. I had to go into work unexpectedly, but even though it was dead, my work BFF came in to save me visit with her two cutie patutie kids and had dessert. Delish. And fun. :)

And second, I finally got to go to this local Land Trust with a cool-looking tree and view I've been dying to get a few pictures of. The sun was setting, so the light was kind of dim, but the sky colors were fantastic. I have a mild obsession with trees that look "creepy", haha. Weirdo.

Valentine's Day. Started out at A's school, he had to do something for a book drive. Afterward, we went to a little slice of Mecca. No, not Kohl's. Mohegan Sun, baby! But first, we drove by Norwich State Hospital, which is said to be haunted. Shit yo did it look creepy as hell. Especially from the casino lot, across the river. If there wasn't a state trooper sitting in the parking lot, we probably would have driven up to it. Argh. Maybe someday. It's going to be a personal goal to eventually get some good pictures of this joint. Oddly, that was the highlight, not Mohegan. Weirdo, again.

I worked... I ate Ben & Jerry's... I went to Walmart... I typed this blog.

How is your week so far?