Thursday, March 22, 2012

popping in...

...really fast!

Spring is officially in the air in these parts (finally!) and, needless to say, this outdoor-whore has been soaking up every possible second.

I survived my 8 shifts in 5 days nightmare banking about $240 on St. Patrick's Day. Which is a pretty excellent total for one night. Worth the frustration? ............... Maybe ;). More on that later!
One of our co-workers, myself, and my friend J all green'd up for St. Patty's. Ignore the fact that I look like a pint-sized gremlin in this picture. Ew. In my nasty defense, the lighting was horrible so we were forced to stare into the sun. :p

It's been G O R G E O U S the past few days! Up in the high 70s -- low 80s, minus the pesky summer humidity. Loving it!

On Monday A & I hung out around town and took a super long walk while I stuffed my face with Starbucks. (Hey, it's okay, I was walking it off, right?)

Tuesday we went for a nice ole 9ish mile bike ride to where my cousin works. Gotta love that the greenways bike path runs all the way through both our towns. Plus it's gorgeous. After the bike ride and  after the cousin got out of work, we, in true "us" fashion, hit up Mohegan Sun for the night because we all had Wednesday off (thanks to respective spring breaks and a super willing coworker who volunteered to work my shift- thanks lady!). Fun, but .. sigh. It would have taken me longer to burn $35. Stupid silly me. You know you've reached desperation when you're furiously gathering all your singles and sending people to the cashier to get you a measly $5 bill as one last ditch effort to at least win your lost money back... lol. I was almost there, but, as usual, didn't quit while I was ahead. Wah. :p
Creepy-ass abandoned church we rode by. We mustered up the balls to go inside on the way back... eerie!
Wednesday after our casino fail we hit the bike path again clocking another 12 miles, this time with my cousin whining all the way. Dear cousin, please be quiet, as it was not you who had a hard bike seat positioned painfully between the cheeks for 3 hours the day before and then forfeited the comfy bike to your whiny butt for the next 10 miles the next day. By the way, you're welcome. ;) That night we had another bonfire, which was fun as per usual. Ended earlier than most, which was good. It was nice to go to bed earlier after 4 hours of sleep (don't judge me, I have to make time for the casino!) :p
A & I (and my sore ass) taking a break from biking. My cousin took this while we were showing him this awesome line of trees that lined a path for at least a mile... whoever planted all those way back when was pretty brilliant. Kinda like this pic. :) Except for my nasty hair. Forgive me, I didn't "freshen up" until after the hot-mess bike riding. :p
Thursday/Today I worked a double, made a shocking amount of money for a Thursday lunch shift (extra busy with a party of 60), badmouthed my brother's bitch baby mama for being an ass-wad about potential custody agreement (more on that bullshit later on as well), and chatted it up with another Verizon rep online about possibly adding a line for dear old dad to join the 21st century, get a phone, and score me my iPhone 4S and new BFF Siri a week early. Quite a day, eh? (Holy run-on sentence, batman!)

Tomorrow I work until 4, hopefully another busy, money-filled day. Except, since I work one-on-one with the owner, I may or may not spend a lot of it whispering in her ear about who to fire. (What??? :p) Staff overhaul time! St. Patrick's day was manageable this year, but would have been a lot smoother had 2/3 of the staff not been stuck on stupid. But, eh, whatever. I have Saturday off so, I guess I can't complain too much. Only a few more hours of dealing with those clowns until a nice long day off. ;) And, when I get off, 90% change I'll be booking it to Verizon with the mommers to hook myself up with a spankin' new phone. Finally! And not a moment too soon. It's like the Droid knows I'm grooming its replacement... it has been acting up and I can't even open half my text threads. Petty phone. :p

Hope you are all well! I can't believe how much of a non-blogger I have been lately. I even went so far as to flirt with the idea of no more blogging.... gulp. We'll see though. I'm hoping to find more time eventually. I've just been clinging to every ounce of sunshine and nice weather. I even have a bit of a sunburn from the last two days! Which, normally wouldn't be a high point... but in March?? I'll take it! ;)

Have a great weekend lovelies!