Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hey gals! How are you? I'm just sitting around waiting for the call from my cousin for A and I to scoot off to his house for our first bonfire of the year! Yup, it's finally warm enough, and I couldn't be more excited to take my BFF BLL and chill around a fire all night. Yeah baby.

I had another one of those amazeballs weekends. You know the one... where every day has something fun about it?

- Saturday, I went to A's house for this thing they do. Hide and seek indoors, on the first floor of their house, in the dark, with creepy ass music. For realz. His cousin found an exorcist playlist, and then he and A's brother were the first to hide, and jump out and scare the sh*t out of me and A's sister. It would have been less creepy if they hadn't busted out masks without us knowing. But, it was a fun sort of creepy. Definitely can't wait to play that again!

- Sunday I had to work (shocking, aforementioned co-worker couldn't do a double), but was out at 4:30, and from there showered, and scooted back off to A's house to enjoy the g o r g e o u s spring weather. After hanging out outside until it got dark, we went to Friendly's with my cousin for Hall Pass Sunday (I gave up restaurant food for Lent... I love the little "go for it" Sunday thing)

How was your weekend?

Off I go to bonfire it up! Today is my last day off before my 8 shifts to freedom set, starting tomorrow, and ending Sunday. Gulp. This girl will be pooped!

Have a great week!