Tuesday, April 17, 2012

i o u

& we're talking BIG TIME owing.

I don't think I've been this neglectful of the blog since I started blogging all those years ago.

I have just been so weighed down with crap to do, and when I am free, the weather has been so nice lately, I just plain old don't feel like it.

So the two ingredients we're missing here are "motivation" and "time". And since I seem to have found a little bit of both at the moment, let's get cooking, shall we?

First of all, how are you? I feel like I haven't spoken to you gals in ages due to my absence! A couple of you I see on facebook and twitter, but not enough of you, hehe.

Second, here's about a month in review. Fast review that is because I'm not sure exactly how much time I have before I have to rush out again.

Lent is finally over (amen!) and I am back to stuffing my face at the CB full force. (If I didn't mention it on the blog, I gave up restaurant food for Lent for the first half and then went cold turkey CB food for the second half because I am weak.)
Our "after midnight on Good Friday" snacks. Gotta love being Catholic and fasting all day long. For someone whose food intake is almost equal to the amount of air I need to survive daily... it's kind of a mood killer. Hehe. Jk. :p
Easter weekend was an awesome one. I spent Friday and Saturday with Anthony and his family. We had a giant sleepover with my cousin, Anthony, his brothers, his sister, and her friend. Saturday we biked all day, went for ice cream, and then that night hit up Mohegan Sun as we so often do (addicts). It was all awesome until my mopey-ass cousin rejoined the group. Sadly, this may not be the nicest thing to say, but it was the most fun when he wasn't there complaining about everything (he took off for an auto show Saturday during the day).
Yes we played twister. Anthony's sister and her friend are 14. Legit, my new best friends are 14 years old. Love them.
Breakfast a la Anthony the next morning.

Biking with Anthony and the new besties

took stupid pictures

After biking, L polished off the remainder of a bottle of sparkling cider. That she opened and started the night before.

 Epic weekend.

This week was a little less bunched together, but we had another awesome Saturday full of biking shenanigans. Would love it if that could be a weekly (or semi often) occurrence.  This weather is so addictive!
And thus the birth of my new most favorite picture ever. :))
And this week we hope to go mini golfing tomorrow, and to the beach on Thursday! Love day trips! 

Hope you all are well! I hope to be back more often now that there's more to report, hehe.