Monday, April 23, 2012

days go by, I can feel 'em flying like a hand out the window in the wind...

Hold on to your seats people, because I'm posting two - count 'em - two times in a one-week period! Ahh!

How has everyone been? You may be pleased to hear that I finally scrapped that St. Patrick's Day blog layout and traded it in for a more basic interim theme. I'm not quite back in the blogging zone where I can sit down and forfeit time to a layout haha, but this one will do for now. And, when you get down to it, a St. Patrick's Day theme being up until April 23rd doesn't say so much about my lack of blogging as it does about who I am as a person... We had a light-up wreath on one of our front windows for Christmas. It just came down last week. And only because my mom actually went out there and got it. I would have been content and lazy enough to let it roast out there all summer. ;)

Anywho, before I dive into updating you all on the dailies of my life (info that's coveted by all, I'm sure), I just have to take a second to give a proud nod to my boys, the New York Yankees! Did anyone else catch Saturday's game? It was epic. The Yanks were down 9-0 to Boston (yup, they were playing the Sox, so this game was guaranteed excitement as it was) up until the 6th inning where the got one run, scored 7 more times in the 7th, and then another 7 in the 8th where they secured their 15-9 W-I-N! Gotta love that, don't we, Yankee fans? Love those classy boys of ours! :) While I can honestly say I hardly recognize the team in comparison to the guys I loved watching a few years ago, we still have our main staples, Jeter my sports boyfriend, and Soriano who, as per usual, held the opposing team down for the last innings. Both of whom, in my opinion, make the Yanks anyway.

Okay, moving on..

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to score both my shifts off, and Anthony, his sister Olivia, and her friend Lauren and I all drove down to the coast to spend the day at the beach. Yes, in April. While it was definitely too chilly to do any kind of normal beach activities, there was no fun lost there. Would it be cheesy if I branded it one of the best days I can recall thus far? Well it was. Not that I'm surprised. I am nothing short of in love with the dynamic struck in this new group of ours here. Olivia & Lauren may only be 14 to our 22, but they are honestly the most mature & fun 14-year-old's I've ever encountered. I told Anthony this the other day- if I could only hang out with the three of them for the rest of my life, I'd be 100% content. :) <3

Alrighty, onto the plethora of pictures. Because, that's all anyone cares about anyway. Or wait, maybe that's just me. Picture whore here. ;)

*Please excuse the "Titanic" theme that may run throughout. All four of us had it in our "favorite movies" list, and we went to see it last Saturday on the big screen (i.e. my life is now complete) and have been quoting/reinacting it ever since. And even before that. But, more so now, hehe.

Anthony & Me :)

Lauren singing something, bahaha. Don't remember what it was.

I was lucky enough to end up with lovely group of people that nicknames people and things like I do. So needless to say there are a lot of nicknames. All combined celebrity-couple style, our self-proclaimed group is called "Melgina-Pop" ... haha. MGP for short because I'm too lazy to spell the whole thing in text messages. :p

L: Aforementioned Titanic reenacting.... Yes, this is "I'm flying Jack!" Teehee. One of many (including a video from a stairwell pictured further down in the post. Yes, I was Jack. Blush.)
R: Olivia & Lauren :) 

Another one of Anthony and me that Olivia got :). And my current FB picture.


Anthony & Me.. some picture Olivia took. :)

Olivia, Me, & Lauren taking stupid pictures

More.. thanks Instagram :)

 L: Olivia & Lauren on the swings where we may or may not have played through "My Heart Will Go On" singing along and all. 
R: An empty mansion on the water. It was so gorgeous, but the extensive gardens were definitely the highlight.

Me & Lauren filling in for the clearly-absent fountain angels. I said they were mature for their age. Not that I was. :p

L: Obligatory trip to Seaside Sanitorium because I love all things haunted. Plus, it's beautiful. So much character. I love abandoned buildings. :)
R: An overgrown playground area in the back of Seaside. It's so eerie and haunting. Especially knowing what this place was. Creepy. But in a good way... if that makes sense.

L: Olivia and some rusted jungly-gym-y thing.
R: Me doing an obligatory dorky Zak Bagans impression. Obviously. :p 
(Speaking of Ghost Adventures.. does anyone watch? Did you catch this past Friday's? Not only were they in Connecticut, they were in a neighboring town. Literally 3 minutes from where I go to Starbucks every day. Wicked cool to see footage of the town on TV!)

Another old play thingy-ma-bob. Spun nice and fast. Was cool until a random dog named Bella came from out of nowhere and almost got herself knocked out by it. :p 

 L: Lauren wants to be an actess.
R: Can't you tell?

Olivia :)

 Lauren :)

 Amazing view from a hill/cliff... Honestly, I want to move to Niantic after this trip. It's gorgeous. Perfect beach town.

 L: Lauren & Olivia up at the top of this huge stairwell that brings you right up to the road. So cool. And so high up. Gulp. 
R: Close up. Where another "I'm flying Jack!" or two impressions may have occurred.
 One of the views from the top

Seems pretty normal-beach-activity day, but honestly... it was one of the most fun days I can recall. It was just awesome to go away for a day and not have to worry about anything, and just have fun with some of my favorite people. :) Can't wait for the next Melgina-Pop trip! :p

Hope you're all having a great week! And that the weather is better than it is here. Stupid rain. But eh, April showers, right? :p