Friday, April 27, 2012

Instagram Friday

In effort to post more often, I thought I'd implement a little "weekly" post for me. That being "Instagram Friday". Starting this week.

Instagram, if you don't know, is my new obsession. I've always loved editing pictures and stuff like that, and so, it's no surprise that the Instagram app drastically tipped the "which phone for me?" dilemma scales in the iPhone's favor. Little did I know that Instagram was coming to Droid like, a day after I got the iPhone but, eh, bygones. I would marry this phone if I could so, I'm not bitter. :p

Anywho, I figured each Friday I would attempt to showcase a handful of Instagram posts from the preceding week just to give me something to blather on about in a post.. know what I'm saying?

So, let's give it a whirl, shall we? ;)

Last Saturday, this brightly colored gem of a cobb salad at work was the only thing keeping me from pitching myself off the back deck of the restaurant. It was the second of 2 doubles in a row (Friday and Saturday) last week, followed by one more shift on Sunday. Ew. Hopefully the paycheck will soften the blow of my swallowed-up weekend ;)

A nice repulsive shot of me indulging in my addiction: Starbucks. Honestly, I think I have a problem. My "free drink" post card things are coming in left and right... you need 15 purchases to get a free drink. At this rate, I'll be getting one every 5 days. Yes, it's disgusting, I have hit 3 trips in one day this week. Twice. It used to be two. Which is definitely one too many as it is. Slowly but surely trying to kick this habit (or at least bring it down to one trip a day) for swimsuit season..... But I love it! Wah!

Monday when I was all pumped and excited for my tax refund to arrive. Welp, my refund wasn't in there, but my brother's was. Wah. It's still not here and I'm getting impatient. I am seriously looking forward to depositing that check. I'm, er... dorky in the sense that I actually get a warm & fuzzy feeling from watching my bank balance climb. Loser.

Anthony & I went to the mall on Monday night. Stood above the giant Starbucks kiosk.. I'm a constant spectator, I like watching people do stuff, and I love watching them make the drinks!

Tuesday we both had the day off, so Anthony and I went to Starbucks with laptops and he worked on homework while I edited some old-ass pictures that have been on the back burner for like, 2 months. Gross. Afterward we went back to his house to make "gourmet salads"... I love salads. Especially those with avocado, turkey, and cheese. Yup. I love healthy when it's slightly less healthy. :p

Loved the way the clouds looked Wednesday afternoon in the-- you guessed it --Starbucks parking lot ;)

On my way out representin' my Yankees the other day. I um... actually take this kind of picture a bit more often than I'm willing to admit :p. What a loser.
On another note, hopefully within the next couple of weeks, that mess of weirdo dark blonde hair will be brown. I've only wanted to do it for, oh, 11 years. So, I'm sure it will happen anytime now. Pssht. Fingers crossed for this time!

A tree in my yard... love seeing the leaves coming out! Can't wait for summer! :))

And, well, that's all for now! Working til about 4 today, and then I'm hopefully off to Walmart to run some errands that have also been on the back burner. So behind in "life" lately, thanks to work and putting fun before priorities when I'm not at work. Gahhh I need to go back to school haha. This "slacker" lifestyle is starting to buggg me. :p

Hope you're all having a great week, and have a great weekend. Any plans? :)