Monday, July 30, 2012

Flo-rida part one.

Hey everyone! It feels great to be able to blog again!

I tend to leave my computer at home when going on trips, and it's hard to type anything of substance on an iPhone. It doesn't agree with my man-hands, I guess ;).

But anywho...

Florida was fantastic! Easily the best week of 2012 so far!

But I won't bore you with paragraph upon paragraph of recap. Instead I'll let the photos speak for themselves, with a few comments from me in between. :)

The plane ride was surprisingly nice! As it turns out, I'm not afraid of flying! I think my main concern was getting through security, because I, as I'd imagine most, don't like to be looked at like a criminal. And whether or not the security workers actually feel that way, obviously they have to view everyone in that way. But, much to my relief, going through the process was so simple, and the plane ride itself was fun. Phew!

After first arriving at the condo. What do we do? Pull out the cell phones, obviously! :p The condo was super gorgeous. It belongs to Anthony's dad's brother, and it was right on the water. Second floor, with a great balcony!

The view (to the right) from the balcony. Loved drinking my coffee and eating my bagel there every morning. Not to mention, I chose the couch so I could wake up to this view every day too. :)

Is this not the most mouthwatering pool setting ever? My jaw dropped when we got out to the pool. Anthony's grandma belongs to this club, and we swam here a couple times. The water was like bath water, but in a good way. It was just cool enough to be refreshing in comparison to the crazy heat!

This was Saturday night, our second evening in Florida. We had gone out to Chinese Buffet with Anthony's grandparents and aunt and uncle (um, yum?!), and were on our way back when we saw this. The sky looked like this at least once a day. At one point it looked almost black. But, I guess this is normal for tropical climates. Once the storm rolled through, the weather went back to gorgeous, and people resumed their day on the beach. It was pretty cool. What wasn't so cool, was how a handful of idiots would actually stay in the water during the storm! It's like asking to be struck! A big crack of thunder would usually send them running. It was pretty entertaining to watch from the balcony.

Anthony & his mom documenting the morons in the water, and the lightening we kept seeing behind them. Gulp!

Aforementioned morons. They had a kid with them too. It's one thing if you want to gamble with your life, but don't endanger a little kid. Come on now!

Towards the end of the storm as the sun came out again, just in time to set. :) My first legit. lightening bolt shot too! :)

Everyone getting a lightening picture. I'm sure Instagram was blowing up that afternoon. ;)

The gorgeous aftermath of the storm. Such a pretty sunset! :)

Friday-Monday were spent mostly at the beach and at the pool. The rest of the week was a bit more active, but I'll get to that later. For now, I agreed to cover for a coworker tonight, so I have to go get ready.

Stay tuned for part two!


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