Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday, and meet my best friend!

Hey all, happy Monday! How were everyone's weekends? I'm sure we are all glad that the humidity that plagued us for a couple weeks seems to have dissipated at least a little bit. Now all we needs is a good downpour to end this pain in the ass drought! I'm still in Florida, but I can only imagine what my lawn is looking like up in Connecticut.

Since I'm still out of commission (not that I'd have anything of substance to talk about anyway :p), my best friend (online and off!) is filling in for me today! I'm so excited to have her posting at my blog! If you haven't already, head on over to check her's out!

Without further ado, meet my genius, hilarious, gorgeous bestie, Sierra from her fab blog The Pacific Northwest Pensieve! (Can you tell she's a Harry Potter buff? Biggest fan I've ever met :p)


Hi everybody! I am so flattered that Sam asked me to do a guest post here today - it's my first one ever, and what better place to start than here at her awesome blog?
My name is Sierra, and I blog over at The Pacific Northwest Pensieve. Feel free to visit if you like. :)
A little about me:
- I am (almost) twenty-one years old and currently attending university to get my Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies. Only one year to go!
- I am recently married (January 2012)
- Sam has been my best friend since I was thirteen years old. Can you believe it?
- A picture of my husband and me:

 U2 concert, woop woop!

And now, onto the questions that Sam has thankfully provided - without them as a guide I would most likely ramble aimlessly for way too long. I'm a long-winded gal and it's good for me to have structure. ;)

1. Have you ever been on a plane? How do you feel about flying? What do you love or hate about it?
I have! Several times...around twenty-four times if you count flights both away and back home, twelve if you've counting round trips as one. I don't mind it in the slightest. I've been flying since I was four years old, and my dad was always so fascinated with planes that they're just a part of life to me. I've never been nervous on a plane, fortunately, which is interesting since I have the most horrific fear of heights. What I love about it? The excitement of boarding because I know I'm going somewhere awesome, looking down at the ground and seeing how it looks, moving through the clouds...hasn't mankind always dreamed of flying?
Truth be told, I love pretty much everything about it. The whole trip, even arriving at the airport and going through pain-in-the-ass security, is all wrapped up in the travel experience for me, and since I love to travel, the whole thing just gets me excited. I really don't hate anything about it.

2. What was your favorite vacation?
This is tough, as I visit Disneyland relatively regularly (for someone who lives over 1000 miles away) and I enjoy that so much each and every time. However, I'm going to have to go with my trip to London in 2009, about a month and a half after graduating high school. I had wanted to go to London my whole entire life and I had been saving for years for it. I finally got to go, just my husband (then boyfriend) and I, and I have to say, after having such high expectations you'd think I would've been disappointed. Nope. Not at all. In fact, it surpassed my every expectation, I adored every exquisite inch of it, and I would love to live there someday. 
Blurry picture of me in front of Big Ben, although the angle is so perfect this picture always looks fake to me. Love the shot.

3. Do you have any getaway plans for the summer? If so, where are you going? What will you be doing? Who are you taking with you?
Yes! In about a month, my husband and I are taking a road trip down the coast to Los Angeles to visit his family. Rather than flying we decided we wanted to take the scenic beachy drive, especially since we've never taken a road trip together. Then, about a week and a half after we get back from LA, we are leaving for our honeymoon (part one)! We're going to the north shore of Oahu after Labor Day when it should be pretty uncrowded. The reason we waited so long is so that I could be 21 when we went. ;) Also exciting? We're flying first-class for the first time ever!

Yeek, I think that went on long enough! Sorry about that - warned you, I'm long-winded. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my answers and that I was an acceptable substitute. :p
Thanks for letting me take over your blog for the day, Sam! Hope you're having an amazing time in Florida. :)


Thank you again so much for posting Sierra! Can't wait to get back and catch up on your blog, though I'm sure I'll be blowing up your inbox from Tampa anyway. ;)