Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'd tap that... with my front bumper.

As everyone probably knows by now (because I haven't shut up about it since I found out I was going), I am in Florida. However, I still want to publish one of the posts that has been sitting in my drafts waiting for over a week (it was supposed to be posted last Tuesday, but I bumped it for the Blogger 411 post many of you may remember).


The other day I was driving, and I passed one of my biggest pet peeves on the road. But before I get to that, I'm going to introduce yet another little idea I have to keep myself blogging.

Honestly, you'd think this would be easy. I want to blog. It shouldn't be much harder than that, should it? But unfortunately, it's like pulling teeth getting me to sit my butt down long enough to bang out a post. It's probably one of the harder battles I've ever fought with myself. Which is odd considering it should be like:

I want to blog. So I blog.

Ha! Nope.

Not here.

 More like...

I want to blog. I should blog. I have stuff I want to blog about. But wait, my DVR is full of untouched Pretty Little Liars episodes. And I don't know if anyone will care to read what I write. Should I really be blogging when my room is a little more demanding of that attention? But I want to blog! But I left my computer downstairs in the dining room. Ooh, the kitchen could use some cleaning. Hmm I should blog. Maybe after I go to Starbucks... and so on, and so on.

But, there is one thing I always have time for... complaining.

So this little weekly idea just might stick.

 With that said, I think every Tuesday, I will air one of my pet peeves. A personal boiling point, if you will. Because, think about it. Any day before hump day suck anyway. Might as well harness that distaste and apply it to something productive... like a blog post!

So without further ado, my boiling point of the week (and month, and year, and lifetime, etc) ... cyclists.
 Honestly, I want to insert a "no offense" in here somewhere. I really do. But it's gotten to the point where, I just don't care who I offend. Because these bikers are really driving me bananas. I love summer to death. But knowing that it goes hand-in-hand with contending with arrogant cyclists pretending they are cars...? I'm ready to move to Antarctica, people. Bet there aren't any cyclists there. ;)

 And this isn't coming from a place of "I am car. I own road." It's more like, "I have a clean driving record, and I don't want to be charged with vehicular manslaughter because a guy in a leotard on a 10 lb. bike thinks it can ride 4 feet from the side of the road without being in danger and annoying."

 I don't know about other areas, but here in New England? We have the Greenways bike bath. B I K E PATH. Meant for bikes. Runs parallel to the road? And stretches pretty damn far up New England? I can ride for 15 minutes from Anthony's house and be in Massachusetts. Who knows how many thousands of dollars went into its construction and renovation over the last few years. It's freshly paved, has scaled down stop signs, crosswalks where it crosses the road, it even has lines on it, differentiating the left from the right side. Seriously. It's a mini road, people.
 So until someone can tell me why it's oh-so much better to ride among dangerous multi-ton vehicles, causing them to swerve "at least 3 feet" to the side to give them a "cushion" (as they ride next to instead of on the path). Or why they sit at traffic lights, and obey the lights, yet run stop signs to take corners at high speeds in my blind spot where I could very easily accidentally hit them as my car turns the corner...? Until I get an answer to those questions, my hatred for these hobbyists will continue.

*** Disclaimer: Obviously, despite my distaste for this breed of enthusiast, I would never actually hit a biker. And do in fact over exaggerate the "cushion" they demand on our roads so as to emphasize just how much of an inconvenience they are. And truthfully I really don't care who I'm offending because not only is it my blog, but it's also my life they clearly don't care about when I have to either slam on my breaks to avoid them (endangering myself or anyone behind me), or quickly pass them and return to my side of the road, endangering myself and oncoming traffic. Why should I care about their feelings, when they don't care about other drivers' lives? Or their own, for that matter. ***

 Haha. Don't be scared. I just can't stand this ridiculous arrogance on the road. And the fact that my state alone bent over backwards trying to renovate their freaking paths, and they don't use them. Not even that they don't use them, but that they clog up and endanger other drivers on the roads instead of utilizing a gorgeous and enjoyable resource my tax dollar paid for.

Anyone coming back next week? Lol. Don't worry. I like most other people! :p