Friday, July 13, 2012


Back in early April, when Anthony and I started hanging out more frequently, we noticed one week that we had hung out every single day that week. It was branded a streak, and we made a goal to try to keep it up for a while.

One week turned to two.

14 days turned to 21.

Three weeks to five...

Five to ten...

You can see where I'm going with this, yes?

Today marks 13 weeks of hanging out daily.

To some this is probably no big accomplishment. Especially to married people, or couples who live together, as, of course you see each other daily.

But to me, I think it's kind of really cool. That every single day for the last 13 weeks, we've made it a point of seeing each other in one way or another.

Most days were easy. We didn't have too much going on towards the end of Spring. Anthony had a final project, but I would sit with him as he worked on it. Usually I brought my computer to his house and we would just chill as we worked on our own stuff. It was fun, relaxed, and gave me plenty of time to perfect my new-found talent (HA!), drawing celebrities on Paint.
I'm sure I've shown these ladies off on the blog before. Haha.

You can't say they don't match up! Unless you're blind. Or maybe I was when I drew them. Hehe. Just kidding. It was fun though, as utterly ridiculous as it and Demi's highly defined facial bones may be...
Then there were days where I had to work doubles, or he had to help his dad with something, or he had school during one part of the day, and I had work during the other. Those days, even though it kind of sucked not to be able to hang out, we always made sure to meet up at Starbucks even for a quick 5-10 minutes of hanging out if not just for "streak maintenance". Short & sweet, right? :)

Even on the day he left to go check out RISD for a day, I saw him in the morning before he left. We met at Starbucks on my way to school and his way to Rhode Island. Sniff.

After 13 weeks of seeing him every single day, I can't even remember what it was like when we only saw each other every other day, or every few days with our conflicting schedule.

I like it this way. I love seeing him every day, and I like making it work so that we can. It adds a little challenge and it's fun having just one extra reason. :)

Happy 13 weeks, Anthony! :) <3