Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday!

First up, I'd like to thank everyone for all the incredibly kind comments, thoughts, & words you left on my post yesterday! They all made me feel better, and with every comment I read, my mood lifted a little higher! Thanks for not thinking I'm an ungrateful whore. ;) Love you!


As for today, it's Friday Letters time! I don't think I have partaken in this since my first or second blog (third time's the charm, baby!). But I saw like, 8 people on my reading list doing it, and I got a little inspired! Want to link up too? Head over here!


Dear Bloggy Friends,
See above. You are the best. Your kind words yesterday lifted my mood and made me feel a little less ungrateful. Especially knowing how many people feel similarly. If I haven't responded to your comments already, I'll be getting to them today! I responded to a handful, but I'm currently trying to get ready for work and blog and vacuum my room (why??) simultaneously. It's not working! Anywho, much love.

Dear Mommers,
Thanks for the pedicure the other day! My toes were in need, and it was super awesome of you to treat me! Love you! Hope you weren't too pissed that I "hit ya back" at the hair dressers the next day without you knowing.. oops! :)

Dear Neighbor,
Stop complaining about noise. Especially noise that doesn't exist. You claim my dog whines at night, but I sleep literally right above her, and anytime she whines, I get woken up (light sleeper here). The bags under my eyes during the first few months of Maddie-life can prove it. I haven't heard a single thing during the night since she was about five months old. If you were hearing it, I'd definitely be hearing it. You aren't going to convince me that you are hearing whining through closed windows, hundreds of feet away, that I'm not hearing twelve feet above her. So, please stop bugging my mom with complaints. Maybe get some ear plugs. Or a doctor. Because I think you are hearing things. :p

Dear Famski,
Haven't seen you all in forever! Can't wait for Sunday's pool party-- even if it's raining! I can't wait to see everyone, and for you all to meet Anthony. Should be a fun time.

Dear other famski,
Sorrybutnotreally that I couldn't make it to the wedding. I know everyone says it's not true, but I'm still under the impression that an invitation wasn't extended my way. I swear I'm not just being a bitch, nor am I offended. If I was invited and I didn't know it, then I'm sorry. If I were six years old and the save the date/invitation were only addressed to parents, that would be different. It would be at the discretion of my parents unless the invite stated otherwise (i.e. "adults only" or only those named on the invitation, or something). But given that I'm 23, my brother 22 almost, and we live apart from my dad, not receiving an invite, means I'm not going to assume and invite myself. If I wasn't, I promise I don't care, I don't believe it was a malicious gesture at all. She is young, and probably doesn't have the money to be throwing away on every member of our huge family. Plus, I don't really know her, and I have a family thing on my mom's side that weekend, and the opportunities to see them are much slimmer. Not to mention that would be an additional weekend off work after taking a week off, and more traveling that I'm not sure I can afford at this point. Please understand. Dad and grandma are sitting it out too-- so I don't feel too bad. As long as her immediate family is there, that's what matters. I hope everyone has an amazing time, and I wish things were still the way they were when we were little. I miss the "big, crazy, fun" family. Sucks getting older!

Dear Coworker who shall remain nameless,
Can't wait to work with your crazy self tonight. I'm working a double, and I will surely need the entertainment value that accompanies your insanity! One request, just relax and don't have a fit every time a table comes in. Relax, we can handle it. There are four (erm, three) competent servers on, and two bartenders. I think we got this! Don't run around stressed because it stresses everyone else out. Try and be normal, for just one night. ;) No love.

Dear Customers of Thursday night,
Thanks for the surprisingly generous tips! It's weird how certain nights are just better and people are more generous. I doubt I often actually deserve the tips, haha. Also, thanks for being patient while your food took forever and a day due to our highly incompetent kitchen staff. Although I'm sure the complimentary desserts offered by the owner helped a little bit. ;)

Phew. That felt good! Head on over to Adventures of Newlyweds to link up!