Monday, August 27, 2012

week in review

Hey all! It's been a while since I've actually blogged! Since Tuesday, to be exact... got a bit of catching up to do!

I'll let Instagram help me with that... More specifically, this nifty little widget I've discovered where you can display a bunch of Instagram pictures that can bring people to your feed. Sound good?

Imagine them numbered left to right. Though they are in the order of most recent... so, let's go backwards, because, why not be as confusing as humanly possible? So instead, imagine them numbered from

Right to Left
Bottom to Top.

Still with me? :p

1-3. Monday I went with Anthony to a physical therapy appointment for his neck. Loved that the magazine in the waiting area was featuring a Fall setting on the cover. Makes me warm & fuzzy inside. After the PT, we went back to his house and hung around with his siblings (more specifically, his sister, Miley Cyrus. :p) and checked out the new house they are moving into. Was the perfect weather for it.

3-6. Tuesday we were back at his house and spent the afternoon cleaning mine and his parents cars. Or, well, he cleaned, I was sort of like... an assistant. :p

7-9. Wednesday I was being vain and taking self-shots while waiting for Anthony to meet me before we went out for a failed attempt at breakfast (we ran late and they stop serving breakfast at 11 so we gave up) before meeting up with my cousin. My cousin works at a dealership and the car he had for the day was none other than my dream car, the Lexus RX 450h. He was nice enough to let me take a drive in it. Holy crap on toast. I loved it. Shocker. I think I should put a picture of it on my windshield to deter me from shopping. You know, like when people want to lose weight and they put a picture of a skinny person either on or in the fridge? Same idea ;p.

10 & 11. Friday I worked a double. One of the customers brought in his new puppy. SO cute. Named Diesel. Such a gruff name for a little bitty pup. Loved him. Oh, and after that, I did my mid-shift primping in the bathroom and decided to let the world of Instagram know. ;p

12-14 Saturday Anthony and I went around to car dealers just to look at the cars we like. First stop Lexus for me. Mercedes for both of us, and the BMW for him. Sigh. I don't know why I seem to enjoy dangling things I can't yet have in front my face. Some day, little checkbook.. some day we will be signing away for one of these babies. :) Oh, and after that, we were bored and literally played Draw Something* for like, an hour back and forth in his room. 

* do you play Draw Something? If you do and want to play, my user name is Samski89 lol... Look me up! :p

15 & 16 Sunday another BBQ at his brother's house. This time punch-less because his younger siblings came. Was still a lot of fun though. We have started crafting an epic idea for Halloween. His brother recently bought his house, and he's in a neighborhood with a lot of kids. So, we're thinking there will be a good turn out, and we are planning out a creepy scene for his entryway when kids ring the doorbell, haha. Fingers crossed it works out!

How was your week/weekend?