Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Hump Day! It's been a good one!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Today was the first day of classes for me, woohoo! (Woohoo for Fall, not woohoo for school. :p)

First day of school photo... because I'm 6 years old.
I guess the public schools in my area went back today as well.

To think I didn't even know that until my mom mentioned it this afternoon.... One would think the school bus I had to stop for on my way home would be a hint that it was not next Wednesday that all the kids went back. Oh Sam.

I only have the one class on Wednesdays, it was Bio from 11:40-1. Pretty quick and sounds like it will be as intense as everyone has been saying. Gulp. Hope I can wrap my lil brain around all the material!

The teacher seems to know what she is talking about, and says she has been teaching that class since 1994. Yowzer. The classroom is a little lecture hall, which is nice, because the chairs are comfortable. Plenty of windows too, which is also nice. The only downside was that, because of the ample natural light, the interior lights are off, and the dimness was making me kind of drowsy, lol. That and, there was some high pitched ringing from, I think, the projector, that was giving me a headache. But, eh, I think I'll live, lol.

This was an easy week because I only have class on Monday and Wednesday as it is, and next Monday is Labor Day. Gotta love going to school for an hour and 20 and then boom, week off. :p

How was everyone else's first day (if you have had it already)?

Another little detail for the "plus" column of my day was a phone call I got about 30 minutes ago.

But first a little back story. On Monday I was shopping at Stop & Shop and made my way to the anti-social self-checkout. In the little slot where you collect your change (bills, not coins) were two $5's. I was on the phone, and so I little "holy crap, someone left $10" slipped out. I finished my business, not touching the cha-ching until I was done, in case the person came back looking for it. As I was leaving, I contemplated leaving the money, just in case, but then figured there are plenty of people who would walk off with it. So I grabbed it with my receipt and headed towards customer service. When I looked at it, not only were there the two $5's, but a $20 underneath. 30 whoppers, folks! Sure, it's not that much money, but I'd sure be pissed if I had that much money left behind. That's like, five hours of work at my job (I know, poverty).

So anyway, I turned it in and they took my name/number in case no one claimed it. To be frank, I was reluctant because even if no one came back for it, I'd feel weird taking $30 that belonged to someone else... "found money" is only fun at the casino, lol.

So a couple days went by and I had a few missed calls from unknown numbers. Assuming it was Stop and Shop, I didn't call back because, as I said, I felt weird. Then today, while I was out lunch with my dad, I got another call from a new unknown number. I ignored it because we were out to lunch, but then they called back a couple hours later. I was watching something with my mom, so I again, ignored it and noticed they left a voice mail. After the show was over, I checked it, and as it turns out, it was from the woman whose money it was. She left the sweetest message saying how surprised she was that it was turned in, and that she appreciated it, and hoped I had a great day. I called it back to let her know I got her message, but she didn't answer. Oh well. If she doesn't call back, I'll leave it at that because I am awkward, but I thought it was so sweet of her to call and make my day like that. I'm so glad she came back and found it.

Lesson? If I ever find money again, I'm definitely going to always just turn it in and not contemplate just leaving it there. Turns out she called Stop and Shop, she didn't actually go back for it.

But anyway, that definitely brightened my day a bit.

How is your Wednesday?