Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Six Places

Hey guys, I'm not smart. Either that or highly forgetful. Probably a little of both. But regardless, I forgot two weeks in a row to participate in Tiffany & Lauren's link up. Dummy.

I promised myself I would vlog one of these weeks as well. Probably next week. Can't get too elaborate on video about places, I don't think. That and I need to run to the grocery store and Starbucks. So, I don't exactly have the time either, hehe.

*Please forgive my recent absence... school is back in full swing, ew.*

Six Places

one / Connecticut
I've lived here my whole life. It has its negatives, surely. But living in the same place for 23 years? It's plenty of time to soak up all the positives too. It's in New England, which means we are lucky to experience all four seasons, rather than just warm weather, or just cold. Obviously that has its downside as well, when I'm too lazy to go out and shovel the driveway, or when I'm sweating bullets just going out to get the mail in the summer. But for the most part, I feel more than blessed to call Connecticut home. Just do me a favor and make the cost of living a little bit cheaper, and we'll be good. I'm looking at you, Prez. ;)

two / New York City
I love the city -- for day trips. I'm not sure I could ever get used to the hustle bustle of living there (I'm most definitely a suburban girl), but I get such a high from day trips. The street photography, the fast-paced lifestyle, and even the annoying tunnel vision of the city's inhabitants... it's all so exciting (I repeat -- just for a day, hehe). And of course, on today of all days, while talking about NYC, you can't leave out the terrible tragedy that took place 11 years ago. I was in 6th grade and scared that a plane was going to crash into my elementary school. It's been 11 years and I still look back on that day with disbelief. I know the reality of it all, of course. But I don't think the shock will ever fully wear off. Taking a minute, now to remember those thousands of innocent people lost on this terrible days 11 years ago. Thinking of the countless brave people who saved lives, or died trying.  And of the selfless troops still overseas defending our country in ways for which we will never be able to say enough "thanks". Remember 9/11.

three / California
This one is silly, because I've never actually been there. I just want to. Really badly. Now that I have -- seemingly -- conquered my fear of flying, I'm hoping that this dream will become a reality once I come into the funds, hehe. It just looks relaxed, and warm, and hey -- who wouldn't want to bump into the Kardashians?

four / Florida
I know I said I love having four seasons, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't mind spending some of our winter down in the warm air and at the beach.

five / Rhode Island
I haven't been there many times, but when we went with Anthony to bring his stuff home from school, I got a little taste of Providence, and it's just such a great area. Everything within walking distance, and chock full of people around my own age.

six / Massachusetts
Come on, the gas prices alone are reason enough for me to want to pack up my stuff and move there. The southern parts near where I live (we are about 15 minutes away from MA) are kind of trashy, but once you get up near Boston or Cape Cod.. those areas are much nicer! And really, any state in New England is fantastic in the Fall. That foliage is to die for. Can't wait for it! I'm loving the high-60s temps right now. Totally wearing a sweater and boots today -- finally!

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