Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters... pen & paper style!

... because today I actually wrote them!

Don't worry, I'll translate below just in case my chicken scratch is illegible. :)

Dear Fellow Drivers,
When did you become so utterly bad at this? Pulling into traffic without looking, driving too slow, going over the yellow line... my driving experience lately has been a giant clusterf*** of rage. Seeing red here... and no, I don't mean the foliage!

Dear work,
Things have been pretty crappy lately. I am so not looking forward to working a double today. Oh, Starbucks, please hire me!

Dear Classmates
You are going to be solely responsible when I end up on intervention to wrangle the Tylenol addiction I will have no doubt developed by the end of this semester. To be honest, the addiction is preferable to dealing with your annoying, unfunny comments, the incessant chatter, and the attitude that screams "I somehow managed to snag a diploma earlier this year." AKA, please grow up ;).

Dear Readers,
Love you all-- you are quite the supportive bunch! Not only do I want all you lovely ladies to go link up with Ashley for Friday Letters, but I also encourage you to check out one of my newer blog friends Michelle @ MichMash. I recently started reading her blog and was hooked instantly! Check it out! Happy Friday!