Sunday, October 28, 2012

it was nice knowing you.

Connecticut hates Halloween.

Okay, maybe that's incorrect.

Or too broad of a statement.

However, unfortunately this is the only conclusion I am able to draw from the fact that we are apparently cancelling the festivities two years in a row due to inclement weather.

Last year, as I'm sure many remember, we had a freak snowstorm that had us without power for eight days. EIGHT DAYS, people. This girl, and her mess of hair don't look too hot on a normal 21st century day. When we are whipped back in time to the days of wood burning stoves and no showers? Forget about it.....

I now have an experience to associate with the word "misery". It got to the point where I sunk so low, I was literally picturing us cooking our Thanksgiving turkey in the fire place, and sitting around our dining room table in the dark freezing our respective asses off due to no heat. Yep. I actually felt as though we would never have power again. I gave up hope on that miracle by day 5. I was forgetting what it was like to not almost freeze to death at night. To not have to sleep with so many layers, you were better off wearing a diaper than trying to not only make it to the bathroom, but also disrobe enough to be able to use it. And on the off chance that you could? It was too damn cold to be able to muster up the motivation to get out of your "less chilly" (that's as close as it got to warm) bed. Seriously. We have all experienced the need to go... and I mean really go. But I would take that angry assault on my bladder over the frigidity of venturing to the bathroom just to relieve said discomfort any day.

Ahem. I digress..


This year, we have a fantastic little hurricane making its way up the coast, assaulting the eastern seaboard. So, 2011 is an early blizzard. 2012? Flood and high wind warnings from 8am Monday to 2am Tuesday. Plenty of time for that bitch "Sandy" to rip through and knock out my power. Again.

I'm anxious just thinking about it. I think I have PTSD from last year.

Dear Mayans, could you please go ahead and end the world a couple months ahead of schedule? Because I'd take that over a week of no power. In fact, I'll walk over hot coals. Eat cow brains. Watch a Jersey Shore marathon.... anything! Anything but a power outage!

Desperate, anyone?

Well, since it's 3am and I should get to bed because I have work tomorrow........ basically, it was lovely knowing all you fellow bloggers. If we lose power for another 8 days, I'm probably going to hang myself from the first tree branch I see that's still attached to the trunk, and not down on the ground in my backyard.


p.s. first person to get me a ticket out of this time zone can have my dog! Oh the incentive!