Sunday, October 21, 2012


Hey everyone, I'm back! I'm sorry my site has (annoyingly) been down for the last few days. By day three (today) I was starting to pull my hair out out of frustration and blogging withdrawal. But anyway, thank you to those who took the time to e-mail when leaving a comment wasn't an option. You have all been really great and supportive about my whole job dilemma, and it is so helpful to have a handful of people tell you it's okay to feel a certain way -- especially when you are doubting yourself and your choices. So thank you again! And I'm sorry that it had to be a whole process to get in touch... I was changing my domain (again) and forgot about how long it took for everything to settle back into place. Not to mention, I made a teeny tiny mistake in the process (which I also did the first time I switched domains.. I thought I did it right this time.. whoops!) which actually prolonged the whole shebang. Gah. Eventually I'll learn that the whole, "if you want something done right, do it yourself" type thing doesn't actually apply to less tech savvy folk such as myself. :)

But anyway, bygones. I'm back now and under a new title and at a new URL!

Without further ado,

welcome to Run-On Sentences!

Button! Take one and pass it down...

The details behind this one are.. erm... well.. just stay with me on this, haha.

Basically, I didn't overly love Iced Coffee & Blue Jeans. I thought I did at first, but it seemed like it was, once again, another name that wouldn't always stick. I tried it on for a bit and found that it just wasn't a good fit.

Then, randomly one day as I was typing a post, a recurring thought of mine popped back into my head. You see, I have this tendency to seemingly go out of my way to cram as many words as physically possible into one sentence. I actually find myself sitting there trying to figure out how to split one sentence into two, because it is just too long and makes me look like more of an idiot than I am already capable of doing on my own. Seriously. If someone were to read my blog aloud (why?), I promise, you'd be gasping for breath and desperately clawing at the oxygen tank like me after a leisurely jog around the block by the time you finished a paragraph.

Suddenly it occurred to me: run-on sentences... maybe my failure to conform to proper grammar use should be exploited as the new title of my blog! Muahaha.

And then I just tacked on the "life between the periods" part as a little bit of a double meaning type thang. You know, because sentences -- or in my case, grammatical crime scenes -- occur between periods... as do the other 40 weeks of the year for us ladies... Oh, the wit. The puns. You can't handle it, can you? (Feel free to roll your eyes. I did.)

Just kidding. I know it's totally silly. But at the same time, I feel like it fits better because I wasn't trying to come up with another one. The more "natural" fits tend to come along when I'm not looking.

So... what do you think? Of course, only if you like it. If you don't, and say something, I'll have to get upset and self-conscious.

Just kidding. :D