Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hey everyone! Happy Weekend! And is it not the most perfect October weekend afternoon at that?

It's the first real taste of Fall without the pesky rain that has been stalking New England like a fan girl does Justin Beaver for the better half of the last month or so. Today is gorgeous, in the high forties, low fifties without a cloud in sight.... Say it with me people -- FINALLY!

Anyway, I know I don't normally post on weekends much anymore, but I figured since I have been absent since Wednesday (thanks to those who linked up for the photo challenge again!), I had better get on here and post something.

(What I'm Doing Now)
(Thanks for the appropriately timed tagging on Instagram, Alissa ;D)

the nails...

Polish: Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine in "Night Prowl" (467)
I saw this color in Stop & Shop the other day and figured for $1.47, it couldn't hurt to give it a try. It's a black color with a touch of purple/magenta glitter.

On a scale of 1 to 10... 6.5. I can't say I hate it, because I tend to like any black nail polish -- especially in the Fall. However, you're definitely getting just what you paid for. I had to be pretty generous with the second coat because it comes out somewhat pale. Unless you want to be applying coat after coat all day long, I would recommend being pretty liberal from the get-go and just slather it on there. The purple glitter adds a decent hint of color and gives it a little "Halloween" feel, but definitely takes away from the usual smooth, glossy finish of a regular polish -- but that's to be expected. Hey, for a buck-47, you can't really complain.

& the hair...

Going for: Somewhat curled waviness
Using: My new Remington 1" flat iron.

I LOVE this flat iron. I bought it at Walmart on a whim for $35 and now it's the only thing I use to create the perfect (well, for what I am going for.. A hair stylist, I am not.) curl that gradually fades out to a wave over time. And the best part? It looks pretty natural too. Love this flat iron.

Not from today, but it looks the same... nothing crazy, just enough to look alright right after, and look nice and naturally wavy later on.

(Outfit of the day)

If you didn't catch it the other 16 times I mentioned it, we are having a fabulous fall weekend weather-wise here in Connecticut. I know, I know. I'll stop saying it. But hey, if you were living life under an endless blanket of depressing gray clouds for the last month, you would be shouting it from the roof tops the second you saw a glimmer of sunlight too. Anyway ;), because of aforementioned weather, I busted out a newer red-orange sweater I recently bought at Kohl's and paired it with my pseudo-Uggs. Aka bear paws, aka, fuggs. A cute but simple Autumny outfit for a nice, chill weekend day. Observe..

I chose not to include my face because, well, why do that to a bunch of innocent Sunday viewers?

What are you doing and wearing this weekend?