Wednesday, December 5, 2012

she doesn't hold grudges

Can I get that in writing?

So Monday, after my routine caffeine run, I mustered up the courage to...

Okay, that's a lie. I went to Stop & Shop first to buy even more time. Oh, and some dog food because without it, my poor fur ball would starve.

But after my dog food purchase, I got in my car and slowly made my way to work.

Once there, I left everything in the car except my phone and the Starbucks coffee I had glued to my palm as a prop so I wouldn't look so awkward standing there in her office, completely void of confidence, quitting my job.

Long story short, she asked why, and said everything I thought she would to my claim that it was about money. In other words, why I couldn't work more hours here, but could work a bunch there, and asking how much they were going to pay me.

After laughing off my future hourly rate, she even went so far as to pull out her calculator and start crunching numbers.

Wait, what?

That part, I didn't see coming.

But am I surprised? Are any of you? Doubt it. Professionalism isn't exactly running rampant at my [former] work. << Teehee. That felt good.

So yeah. It was uncomfortable. She kept demanding to know why. This was even after I told her I needed to make more money and she seemingly debunked that claim by telling me I wouldn't make more at Starbucks.

She told me I was grasping for reasons. (Um, thanks.) Which is true... but what did she expect me to say? "Your business sucks and after 3.5 years, I've had enough"? Come on now.

She told me she didn't "get it". Why would you? It's your business.

And she also told me she didn't think it would "work out money-wise."  But that I have to do what I have to do. Yeah, I do... and I hate that line, by the way.. "you gotta do what you gotta do." Sounds so condescending.

I asked her if she was mad, half caring if she was. She said she wasn't mad. That she "didn't get it" (again), but wasn't mad. Oh, and that she didn't hold grudges.

Yeah. That one made me laugh. It's funny that she thinks she doesn't.

But whatever. I guess at this point she can say whatever she wants. I've never been on her bad side, but I suspect I'm getting close to it, if I'm not already on it after Monday. But come on lady... Do you think you're going to drive me out? We both know it would be highly hypocritical of me to just walk out like everyone else does, considering I complain so much about that special practice at the CB. Not to mention how screwed you would be if I just ditched all my shifts. So, no matter what you say or how annoying my last two weeks will be, I'm not going anywhere until those 14 days have passed. As all our parents say at one time or another, you'll thank me one day.

You're welcome.