Monday, January 28, 2013


Hey everyone! I'm back! And back for good!

Yup, you guessed it-- I am sitting here typing this post from my new laptop.  I finally got around to replacing my old POS, and have now officially joined the Apple computer bandwagon with a brand spankin' new 13" Macbook Pro with that glorious, glorious retina display. Sheesh, what a difference a few pixels can make on a screen. Yowzer.

My browsing is officially in super HD. Haha.

Anyway, as for updates? Not many.

Working at Starbucks and pretty much loving it.  I had my "moment" yesterday. That moment where it was busy, there was a line of people ordering, a line of drinks, and a line of people waiting for their drinks, and I was like, "I got this" ... instead of "gulp.. that's a lot of drinks there, buddy." It felt good. :)

School started back up again last Wednesday. I'm liking it so far.. not that you can tell much from one day of classes. Luckily I'm only in school two days a week, but the classes are so far apart, I need to come home in between to let the dog out. Which means 8 trips back and forth from school. About 30 minutes per trip... oy. My gas tank and bank account are not loving me at the moment.

Better news? The expenses don't stop there! You think school expenses are at the beginnings of semesters. No siree! I have a list as long as my arm of supplies for my 3-dimensional design class, and I might even have to buy a camera for my photography class if I can't find my dad's old 35mm. Blah. So I said I was back... but if I don't pop in sometime before next week, I'm most likely dead somewhere underneath a heavy pile of debt.

But on the plus side, working at Starbucks has me no longer buying anything there. And hey, saving $5 per visit really starts to add up, ya know... :)

Hope you're all well, and I will start popping back in to blogs and posting more regularly from now on. Yay for being connected again!