Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hey everyone!

Hey there! Quick update!

My computer is still dead, so I'm banging this post out real quick on my mom's computer. Blah.

Anyway, life lately has been busy and a bit stressful.

Christmas was great! I spent Christmas Eve at Anthony's house with his family for a delicious dinner, and then Christmas day was spent with my mom and her folk. Overall it was really nice, even all the pesky driving. How was your holiday?

New Years, same deal. I went to Anthony's house New Year's Eve for another bangin' dinner, and stayed over, because, the next day, New Year's Day, he had to fly out of JFK to freaking Istanbul, Turkey. Yes, insanity. I am hating his school more and more by the day. The hoops the students have to jump through, let me tell you... Anyway, now that he is safely on the ground again, I can stop shitting bricks and muddle through the next fourteen days nursing my apparent separation anxiety. Luckily eight of those days will be spent at work, and the other six probably shopping or cleaning. Either way, it blows. Hehe. But, on 01/16 I'm going to bum a ride off his parents and go with them to pick him up from the airport. So that will be nice! :)

Starbucks is going pretty well. I'm almost done with training, and sort of feeling more confident. Or at least less overwhelmed, but hey, I'll take it! The only downside so far is the weird scheduling. At CB, the schedule was pretty concrete. I worked Sunday, Thursday, Friday ever week. Nothing more or less unless I was covering for someone, or someone for me. At Starbucks I guess it's just however you're scheduled, you're scheduled. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually, but it will be frustrating to probably have to forfeit plans and such because I have to work a day I didn't the weeks before. If that makes sense. Blah. We'll see I guess. It will be cool to (hopefully) not have to work every Friday and Saturday though, so I suppose that is one good thing about not having a set schedule. Eh. As my mom has been saying though, I should probably give it a few months before I call it quits for such a silly reason. But I will say, I have been craving the rigidity of a desk job lately. M-F, 9-5, no weekend crap... sigh. Someday, I hope!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great 2013 so far! I will try and pop in more frequently since I downloaded the shitty Blogger app for my phone. With Blogger being as popular as it is, you would think the app would be less ugly and annoying. And at least have a way to moderate comments from it. Get with it, Blogger!

Miss you all, and will slowly try to get back to reading and commenting between working and getting gray hairs worrying about Anthony being 5000 miles away in freaking Turkey. :)