Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hey gals, still posting from computer a la momeroo.

Thankful she let me borrow it, but oh mylanta am I ready for my own back. Ahem.. maybe that will teach me not to help my laptop to the floor when it is frustrating me.

In my defense, there is a background story, and no I do not have [diagnosed] anger issues. Oh, and my computer was on its death bed anyway (because that makes it okay.) Hehe. Just maybe fits of frustration now and then. ;)

Anyway, since I am just now starting to inflate my life raft in the rough sea of student debt, I can't exactly justify dishing out $1300 on a Macbook Pro (which, if I get a computer, that is the one), so, until I miraculously come into $2000+ or my good ole mommy dearest can loan me a couple G's, I am out of luck and stuck with the occasional post from her laptop, or my phone.

Oh well. But in the midst of my absence and shady posting schedule, Caitlin from Letters and Lattes was kind enough to award me with a Leibster Award! Thank you Caitlin!

I don't exactly have time right now, as I have a couple errands to run and some cleaning to do, but I will definitely get to the questions sometime within the next few days. But in the mean time, go check out Caitlin's adorable blog! I just love the title.. so cute and catchy! :)

Hope everyone had a great day, and Happy Friday tomorrow!