Monday, February 4, 2013

happy monday

subtitle: Ew.

How was everyone's weekend?

Any fun Super Bowl parties? I wasn't a fan of either team, but ultimately decided on the Ravens for two reasons:

  • Michael Oher, the guy on which one of my favorite movies, The Blind Side, is based plays for the Ravens. Come on now, what would Sandra Bullock do?
  • my cousin was rooting for the niners.


Saturday night, Anthony's sister, her friend, and I went to see Mama. On the creep scale of one to ten, I would give it about a seven. There were some creepy parts, and I will admit I covered my eyes for certain scenes, but overall, I don't think I was as close to wetting my pants as I thought I would be. But, on the other hand, I wasn't anywhere near as disappointed as I was with The Woman in Black. Heck, I practically brought a change of pants for that one. Big let down.

Anyway, the movie itself was pretty good. It was eerie, and had a good plot. It made you like and sympathize with the characters. The acting was pretty good too. Not to mention, the ending was satisfying in a very unsatisfying way. Meaning, as it's happening you're like, "wait, what!?" but after you take a few minutes you realize an alternative would have been cliché. Know what I mean? I hope that is some insight without giving too much away.. I have a hard time finding that happy medium, haha.

Beyond that, most of my weekend was spent at Starbucks either working or doing homework. Anthony's weekend consisted of a project that took him two straight days to finish (including one morning of going to bed at 5:30 am), and then diving right into a five-page paper that he finished up at around midnight last night. Yuck. And I thought my weekend was tiring. Those professors of his...
it's like each one actually thinks their's are his only class.

In other news, remember yesterday when I mentioned rehashing the whole Blogger of the Week/Month idea? I think I will actually go ahead with that one. I'm trying to think of some questions to ask you all. Hopefully this time next week things can get started? Be sure to check back!

I think that's about it for now. Not much to report when the last three days have been consumed with work and school... The next couple of weekends should be more interesting, I hope. And yay, Valentine's Day is coming up. I'm hoping to go to the casino with Anthony again. It (could be) a fun little tradition that I'd love to keep up. :)

What are your plans for this week? Valentine's Day? Anything in mind for that yet?

Hope you are all having a great Monday! Sorry my posts are such a bore lately!