Saturday, February 2, 2013

ideas, ideas, ideas

Happy February (one day late)!

New month, new layout. I changed things up a bit. Same overall layout with some fresh colors and I added some borders to give it a little more structure. Not overly in love with it just yet, so it might not stick, but we'll see!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I am freezing my ass off, but at least it's a nice day!


I have been thinking. (Uh oh.)

Remember that Blogger of the Month feature I mentioned doing like, 27 weeks ago but never committed to? 

Don't worry, you're not the only one thinking, "she has a problem. She comes up with 3894 'feature' ideas but never follows through. Just smile and nod."

I'm thinking it too.

Well, to make it more fun, assuming I have the time to do it, I thought I would every month or week (depending on what I do with it) I'll post a few questions. You guys can answer either in the comments or via e-mail. I'll pick one person at random to be my blogger of the month or week, and will display their blog picture or button or whatever on my sidebar, and I will dedicate a post to your answers too. 

The questions will be "about me-esque" so people (and I) will get to know a little more about you and your blog!

Sound fun?
Smile and nod.

Details to follow! I will probably start it on a Monday (not this one), so I have at least a week to iron out the kinks.


Happy Saturday!