Monday, February 11, 2013


I have A.D.D.

What else explains me starting out heading towards Blogger to update a section of my layout, and on the way getting detoured to Pinterest for twelve minutes?

Anyway, I finally got back around to Blogger and fixed up my social media links so that they will be more in line with my fabulous Bloggers of the Month to be posted tonight! Just finishing up the pictures and links, and I will have that up before tomorrow! But in the meantime, congratulations to Lauren, Amy, and Crystal, as my first ever Bloggers of the Month! Thank you again to everyone who participated, and be sure to stop back next month for another go at it with some new questions!

In other news, the blizzard-o left us with few parking spaces at work, and a nice little day off from school today -- woohoo! I definitely wasn't expecting that, but hey-- I'll take it. So, instead, today I am off to meet up with a friend that I haven't seen in probably almost a year. I'm a little hesitant, since the last time we hung out, (I think I posted about it actually) she aired her desire to be the godmother to my kids.

[Found the post, back in February of 2012, if anyone is interested in reading the full shebang.]

Anywho, I have been keeping my distance, sort of trying to put more and more months in between "best" and "friend", in the hopes that maybe the "best" will slowly fade into the background with us both working new jobs and expanding our friend horizon and all.

It's not that I don't want to be friends with her. It's more that, while we were best friends in high school, and for a couple years after, it has now been five years since we graduated, and I think it's rare that high school best friends stay best friends forever. But my point is, I'd like to get to a solid "friend" state, with no more of the "best" nonsense floating around, so that I don't have to feel pressured or awkward when I choose someone else to be the godmother of my kids. I have wanted kids forever. I have thought about this long before I needed to, and I think it was kind of crummy of her to insert herself into that choice in my life. I don't think anyone should feel obligated to give someone that title. I don't know. Am I being unfriendly?

Blah. Anyway, I have to get going... I will definitely follow up. I am almost feeling shy about this. Since it has been so long. I don't even know what we will talk about!

Wish me luck! :-O