Saturday, February 9, 2013

greetings from antarctica!

I survived!

With power lines in tact!

That calls for a drink, I think. In fact, it did. I went down to the CB for a beer and some Caesar salad.. mmmm! It was nice to see all the people that I haven't seen since before Christmas!

But anyway, onto the storm. Because if I keep going about work, I would have to dip into how my brother's old bitch whore asshole cougar girlfriend thing is the scum of the earth, and how I would love the opportunity to spit in her food some day.

I digress.

Blizzard Charlotte. Or Storm Nemo. Or whatever its name/gender was.

First and foremost, thank you to my lovely social media buds who left sweet notes asking how we did in the storm. I hope you all faired alright as well!

Anyway, this biotch of a storm... Left us buried under two feet of snow. Legit. Two feet.

I haven't experienced that much snow in one falling since I was probably five.

I walked outside to this this morning. Anthony spent the night at my house so that I wouldn't be alone. Which was a super nice surprise. :)

As if that wasn't enough, he also insisted on shoveling the whole driveway. I thought we had two shovels, but when we got to the tool shed, alas, there was none. Just the one on the deck. So I said I would do it, or we could take turns. After some arguing, I finally gave in and let him. Nice guy. :)

Some random mound of snow next to my car. There isn't anything under there. It is just snow. Believe it or not, it was even shaved down a bit to get to my car.

The useless path to my car. Thanks brother who stole the extra shovel!

And a view from the road in front of my house. Yes, that is blue sky and sun. Mother Nature's way of evading blame and saying, "a blizzard? Me? What are you talking about? It's sunny!" Pssh.

Mail box. The snow was only maybe an inch lower than that. Some of the shoveled bits were added on to the monster of a pile.

Well, I'm glad that's over with. My mom is still snowed in, and I haven't called over my grandma's yet to see how they are doing. I was texting with some people from work, and I guess they faired alright too. I'm glad to hear few people lost power!

I hope whoever did lose it only lost it for a little while!

Stay warm everyone! Happy shoveling!

Stay tuned, Monday I will post my first bloggers of the month! Thank you to everyone who participated! If you were not selected (randomly via, try again next time for sure! :) Even if you weren't, questions are always fun, right? :)