Saturday, February 11, 2012


this is what you'd call a "filler post"

I have nothing to really update on.

But feel bad that my last post was like, days ago.

I do want to do a Starbucks gift card giveaway. But here's the deal. I want to do one because the Valentine's Day cards are adorable. However, V-Day is on Tuesday, and it's really not enough time to carry out a giveaway and mail the card. Especially on a weekend, because, we all know, blog activity is generally minimal.

So maybe I will get the card anyway, and do an after V-Day giveaway. Sound fair? I just really want that card. Hehe.

Another random fact- We were supposed to get 5-10" of snow today. As you may have seen on my twitter... yeah, I think it "snowed" for about 5-10 seconds, and called it a morning.

No complaints here! I love snow.... for Christmas. Once December 26th rolls around, I'm aching for Spring. So, the less snow, the better.

Alright, I'm jonesing for a coffee, so I'm going to run off and take care of that. But I'll leave you with one last random for this smorgasbord of a post.

Evidently, I like to play with my webcam. I found these from sometime in January... apparently. Phil Dunphy is still on the calendar to the right.
Don't judge my untamed hair and lack of make-up (or I guess the fact that I'm farting around with my webcam for fun). Clearly I hadn't any plans yet that day. ;)

Happy Saturday!