Wednesday, February 8, 2012

practice what you preach

Well, I should.

At my old blog, I would blather on and on about how not everyone has their e-mail address enabled so that I can respond to your lovely comments.

Then, today, just for giggles, I went and checked on my settings, and, what do you know?

My e-mail address was not enabled! So, I'm sorry if anyone has wanted to respond to my silly ole comments on your blogs, and weren't able to because I was being a ginormous hypocrite. ;)

It's enabled now, so, hit me up! Hehe. Just kidding. But really... if you don't have your e-mail address enabled, and you do want to get responses to the awesome comments you ladies leave, definitely look into it! Because I love to respond!

All you have to do is go to where you edit your profile, and near the top of the page, there's a box that says "enable e-mail" or something along those lines... Just check the box, and boom- you're all set!