Monday, February 6, 2012

a giant success... weekend recap

Happy super bowl hangover!

Did your team win?
Congratulations Giants fans!!!

Mine didn't. But it's all good- the game was awesome & i n t e n s e nonetheless! Definitely thought our Pats had it for a bit.
(Speaking of, is anyone else already tired of the poor sportsmanship sore loser FB status'? Come on people, only one team can win, and if it had been yours, you'd be gloating your asses off, so just let the winners have their moment! You guys are just fans- the actual players shake hands and are friendly to each other after the game.)

But, even so, my favorite part, was definitely this opening...
Seriously. How adorbs were they singing America the Beautiful together, holding hands? Can I get an "aww!"?
As for the half-time show... I'm not a fan of Madonna by any means, but I will say she rocked the crap out of that performance for someone who is 53 years old ;).

Well, enough about football- how was everyone's weekend?

Mine was decent. We saw The Woman in Black on Saturday night. Without giving anything away, allow me to do you all a favor and let you know that if you want to be scared, save your $10.75 and find a haunted house. It definitely wasn't as startling as they made it seem. I jumped a total of 1 time, and the screaming in the audience was more the fact that apparently people wanted to scream... The hardest thing for me to stomach was the fact that Harry's lightening bolt scar was clearly missing.
I will say I may have L'd.M.A.O. when someone in the audience yelled, "leave Harry alone!"
It wasn't a horrible movie, definitely an interesting (and mildly disturbing) story, but just as far as the scariness went, I wasn't exactly jumping out of my seat... literally. ;p

Yesterday for the game, I obviously worked. I waited on the owners which was fun as always. We raffled off a TV, and the owner totally called who was going to win. Her exact words to me before I pulled the name were "I bet one of those **** at table 60 will win, because I've never seen them before, and I know we'll never see them again afterward." And she was right. Wah. Just once it would be cool if a regular could win and be rewarded with such an awesome prize. But, it was a fun night nonetheless if we ignore the fact that I was surrounded by annoying incompetence that was my co-workers for the night. Ha. I am nice. :p

How were your Super Bowl weekends? Any fun parties? Pictures?

Also, working on a new layout for Spring since it was a bright day when Punx- crawled out of his luxurious home and saw his shadow (hey, thanks sun!), and therefore Spring will be happening sooner than we think. Thank God. Not that I can really complain. It has been the most mild winter I can remember. Loving it! But still starving for summer!

Lastly, I think I'm going to do a giveaway sometime soon.. it's been a while. Stay tuned!

Happy Monday, lovelies!