Sunday, February 5, 2012

supah bowl sunday!

Hey everyone, happy Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for?

My main sport is baseball, and I'm a Yankee fan. So you'd think I'd stick with the NY swing of things (ha, no pun intended) and cheer on the Giants in the bowl. But, oddly, I represent the Pats. For no particularly good reason. I'm not a huge football fan. I like it as a good ole American sport that brings together the masses (but what good sport doesn't? That's why I like sports), and I'll watch it while drinking Bud Light Lime and scarfing wings like a guy (only for football!), but I was never a big enough fan to actually ally myself with a team for any real football-y reasons.

My reasons- I liked their name, I liked the red, white, and blue, and I liked Tom Brady.

Well, I still like those things, but I've also come to support the team just because I like them, haha. So, I think we know who I'll be cheering on while serving up beer & wings tonight at work for the last Sunday of the season. Wah. I love working football Sundays. We get to wear jerseys (yeahh #12), it's so relaxed and chill, and I love the sound of the crowds cheering during intense plays. Can't wait for the warmer weather so baseball can start up again!

Who are you rooting for?

Happy Super Bowl XLVI!