Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Help! I need opinions STAT!

Hey gals, here's the dealio.

This is going to sound ridiculous, and not something to put quite so much thought into, but I have reached an annoying, difficult crossroad in the effort to...

choose the right cellphone.

like I said... ridiculous.

Because it's just a phone.

However, at the same time, it's $200 that I'm about to throw down, and I want to be one hundo percent satisfied with my choice... know what I'm sayin'?

This is by far the toughest upgrade I've ever had.

Here's the sitch...

For my last upgrade, I wanted an iPhone.

When it was time for my upgrade, iPhone was still taking its diva, sweet-ass time getting to Verizon. So I "settled" for the HTC Droid Incredible, planning to iPhone-ify it ASAP.

Shortly after "settling", I realized that settling was an understatement.

For reals. I could have married this Droid Incredible.

I loved the operating system, the easily customizable text threads, keyboards, app drawer, etc.

So, to tear me away from that operating system was going to take the jaws of life.

Welp, 18 months later, I'm eligible, and ready for something new.

But the question is... is this new going to be the iPhone 4S or the HTC Rhyme?

There are a lot of pros and cons for each, I think. The biggest pros being..

Rhyme - Customization... major plus.
iPhone - It's not purple, the cases are nicer

So unfortunately, the differences are quite cosmetic. Argh.

Which would you choose?

iPhone users..
Before you got the iPhone, were you big on customizing? Do you find not being able to customize to be limiting? If you could change one thing about the iPhone, what would it be?

Ahh! So very hard to choose.
This popped up on my feed yesterday... I don't even follow those mofo's. (Or, well, I didn't until then when I found out they had a Twitter)

And the countdown begins...

one month until my upgrade!