Tuesday, March 6, 2012

what's new?

Just a couple things here...
  • the verdict is in. As I know you've just been on pins and needles, I thought I'd let you know, I have officially decided that I'll be going the iPhone route when my upgrade comes around in 23 days! Just to seal the deal and make sure I don't go back on my decision again, I may or may not have spent $40 on 5 iPhone cases on Amazon... blush. Wasn't actually as hard as I thought deciding. I went to Verizon, gave every potential phone a go. iPhone wasn't something I was immediately in love with at the store, but of the choices, it fit most of my criteria. Or at least more than the other ones. I sort of erm.. decided I can't stand any of the Droids. The Motorola's while I bet they perform just fine, are like, giant. I don't know if my pockets are even big enough for one of those babies. Which might be a positive for a lot of people, but I'm more into the Incredible and iPhone sized phones. The two HTC's I was looking at (the only other two Droid potentials) while perfect in size were too similar to my current Droid, and, eh, I guess I can live without the customizing. And, well, by the time I got home, I really wanted that iPhone 4S, haha. So... just 23 more days, lol.
  • If you follow my tweets, you might already know, the ATM at my bank has finally upgraded, and added a cash deposit! Given that I waitress and most of my income is cash, I am loving the fact that I can just stroll up to the ATM and slip that $$ in at the same time I'm depositing my check. I hate having to go into the bank, so I would always wait until it piled up, and take it once a month or so. No more! However... not loving the fact that it takes three times as much time to make a transaction. See my red face? That's not anger... those are brake lights! And lots of them! Super long line!
  •  The weather has been so whacky the last few days. Last week we got maybe our third snow storm of the season. Which, is really not a lot for us. I don't so much mind the snow, it's pretty when it falls, and I tend to enjoy shoveling when it's not heavy. However, the warm weather before then was a huge tease. I was so hoping Spring wasn't far away. It's sunny and 40 today though, so hopefully those temps will keep climbing! Fingers crossed... I'm starting to go crazy without the windows open! Not to mention, the little princess takes forever to find the perfect spot to, erm... leave a nice big present (you know, unless it's the kitchen floor, then every spot is a good one.) when it's all grass. When it's snow, not only does she play, but she just can't find a spot. So, most of my time out there is spent with her eating it, or standing there looking at me with a ball of snow in her mouth. She looks so dumb. But in a cute way, haha. I love her cute dumbness. :p
Yeah... there is absolutely nothing going on in that brain at the moment. :p
  •  I may or may not have thrown my brother under the bus and gotten him a job at the CB. Sigh. I was really hoping he would find something elsewhere. CB was an absolute last resort, and I hate that I am introducing someone to a place where it is so easy to fall into and get comfortable. I don't want him to work there and become the cynical @$$hole that I can be after spending time there. While I love the people and my bosses and most of my co-workers.. there is just something about that place. It has an effect on people and totally desensitizes you to what would otherwise be considered crazy activity. Blah. I don't know. Hopefully this is just an interim thing. I can't say no, because I want him to make money. But at the same time, I'd really like him to make money where it will either allow room for growth, or give him enough money to live off of, especially now that he has, you know, acquired a baby.
  • A's birthday is on Thursday. I bought him a bunch of random crapola that I hope he'll like. A couple movies I know he likes, a nice pint glass that he mentioned liking at the CB, and a funky little card I hope he'll appreciate, haha. We aren't doing anything that night since he is hard at work all week on a thesis project for school, but we're hoping to do something fun this weekend. Friday we're watching the premiere of Ghost Adventures... the show is too hilarious to not treat like the greatest show on the planet Earth. Then Saturday we might go to the casino, but since we've been there so much lately, I think he might be a bit tired of it. Which is cool. Don't want to water it down. (Assuming that's even possible!)
  • I was going to stop with the last one, but just received a text saying my high school was evacuated for an acid spill........................... good to know. Glad I'm out of there! ;)
Hope you're all having a fantastic week so far! What have you been up to?