Saturday, March 10, 2012

am I conniving?

Heya ladies, how is the weekend treating you so far?

Don't have much of an update, just an opinion question for you...

I have this co-worker (shocking, it's about work). She works at CB on the side of a full-time job. She is pretty specific about how many shifts she wants per week, and the fact that she's always wanted to bartend. She finally scored herself a bartending shift, and normally, at the CB, when someone becomes a bartender, their first move is to ditch all the waitressing shifts as if they are suddenly too good for that position.

My boss was equally specific about how that was not happening. Even telling me not to take the shift when said co-worker asked me to cover it, and told me not to let her convince any new employees to do it either. Not to mention, when co-worker came back (she quit and left on not-so-good terms, but eventually came back), she came back under the conditions that she was going to work Sunday nights, as one of the only nights she wanted. And she got her wish.

She even picked up Sunday days during football season because, well, you make bank. And you get to wear a football jersey- what about that wouldn't someone want?

So now, there are two little factors here keeping her on Sunday nights. The bartending thing, and the fact that the boss doesn't like that she is seemingly attempting to toss away Sundays just because football season is over. Because it's not fair that she make all the money, and then decide she doesn't feel like working the shift during the slow season. Which I agree with.

Anywho, at the CB, generally all of our employees are put on the schedule on St. Patrick's day. It is by far the busiest night of the year, and trust me, even every single person on isn't enough. And this year I'm extra nervous because our kitchen staff is, well.... like the blind leading the blind.

But because this co-worker works Friday nights and Sunday nights, we agreed that she get St. Patrick's day off. She said she wanted it off so she could visit her mom. Despite telling me numerous times St. Patrick's day is her favorite holiday. (So I'll believe this whole, "hanging out with mommy" thing when I see it.)

So, anywho, she gets her wish. She gets Saturday night off. Then, as usual, I get a text from her like I do every week trying to get out of her Sunday night. Claiming she hasn't seen her mom since Christmas or something, and that she really wants to... But hey! Wait a second! I thought that's what we were doing on Saturday, St. Patrick's day, your favorite holiday?

So I tell her I can't do it, I have a family birthday. Which is true. One of my cousins is turning 30 on Sunday, so no, I wouldn't love to work a 3rd double in a row, making my shift count 9 shifts in 5 days. Thank you so much for offering though...?

Flash forward to tonight. I am going to A's house where we'll be playing hide and seek in the dark with all of his siblings, my cousin, A's cousin, A's cousin's friend, and his girlfriend. Quite a crowd, eh? Sure to be fun times. Not to mention losing an hour tonight for Daylight Savings (worth it! longer days! yeah baby!). So, needless to say, after rolling in at 3am this morning, I'll be kind of exhausted come tomorrow morning when I have to go waitress on my feet for 7 hours, no?

So it occurs to me, "hmm, ask Co-worker to do your morning shift, stay through for her PM shift tomorrow, and you will do her PM shift after your morning next Sunday." Because, you know, she essentially asks me to work a double every Sunday, why not just trade shifts? She'd be a hypocrite to say no, right?

She hasn't answered yet. I know she went to the St. Patrick's Day parade today, and her FB mentioned something about "day drinking". So, I suppose it's possible the answer will be no due to not feeling so hot tomorrow morning. Which, I won't lie, is fine with me. I'll be tired, yeah, but it'll be worth it to me to have fun tonight, not miss out on money tomorrow (not to mention I like Sunday days), and just go to bed earlier or sleep in on Monday, rather than miss out, you know? It would just be more of a bonus to not have to get up and go to work, while also giving me incentive to help her out while she's lying to my face like I'm stupid ;). She, on the other hand, will be passing up her only shot at getting next Sunday night off..

My question is.... does this make me conniving? Especially since it's like, a win-win for me? And she really only has one shot for a "win"?

My reasoning is this.. like I said, she asks me every freaking week to work her Sunday. Not to mention the texts in between where all she does is complain about how she doesn't want Sundays anymore. She essentially, like I said, asks me to do a double every week, I'm doing one for her on April 1 while she's in Florida, and I'm doing one for another co-worker on the 25th of March. My thing is, I never ask for people to work something for me just because I'm working something for them, when others always use this method (and trust me, they are smarter for it.. reciprocity at the CB? Are you speaking Chinese?).

I ran this reasoning by a friend who told me I was "rationalizing". Which, I don't know, makes me feel like I sort of have an agenda. And, maybe I do. But at the same time... what's wrong with asking for a little coverage in return one time when I cover for her all the time?

Who knows. Am I blinded by the irritation at her constant whining? She acts like we're BFF but the second I can't do her a favor, it's like, "who's Sam?" With her, like a lot of the CB staff, you are only as good as the favors you can do. Which is fine. She is fun to work with, but funny in a malicious sort of way, so it's not like I'm dying to be friends with her. But still, it's just annoying when it's like, once I ask for the same thing she asks for all the time, suddenly it's out of the question.

Oh hypocrisy.

Yikes, holy essay. Sorry for the length, but thanks for listening to me bitch and moan. Stupid CB. I'm hoping to ask to be fired for a raise sometime this week once I muster up the balls. That extra cha-ching per week will make the BS much more bearable, hehe. Wow. Putting up with insanity and lack of morality for money. I feel like I'm selling my soul or something. Just wait until we score a reality show and I start shit-talking people for cold hard cash. I'll be just like Snooki! Goal!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!