Wednesday, May 9, 2012

an expensive week

I always laugh (more in an "I'm insane" way than a "ha, that's funny" way) when I work countless hours at CB, deposit paycheck after paycheck, envelope of tip money after envelop of tip money, watch my bank balance grow and flourish like a little sapling...

... and then in one week--nay-- 5 days, I watch nine hundred sixty seven dollars disappear from my account at the swipe or two of a card and the quick dotting of the i's and crossing of the t's on a check.

Let's think back all those days (can I even phrase it like that? It hasn't even been a full week)-- all those hours ago and revisit just what robbed me of almost one thousand dollars in a fraction of the time it takes for me to earn that much.

- Hair appointment number one. Cut/blow dry - $55 including tip
- Gasing up the ve-hicle - $40 makes you cringe doesn't it? My tank isn't even that big.

Luckily I was stuck at work earning money rather than spending it.

Is it sad that I can't even remember what I did just two days ago? Might be an indication of my stress level lately. ;)

- Hair appointment number two. Coloring. $80 the thought of doing this every 6-7 weeks makes me want to die.
- Walmart for various necessities - $50 and a new watch that took forever to fit

- Had a meeting at my future school. Finished up registering for classes... hold onto your seats people - $692. EW.
- Went to Kohl's after all that and spent $50... but let's subtract $10 for the Kohl's cash I earned (oh thank God for the $10, would have broken the bank otherwise!)

Put it all together and what does it spell??

O O P S Y.