Tuesday, May 8, 2012

family drama... the best kind

... but first, new hair pictures!

It turned out alright, I think. Still getting used to it, for sure. It is definitely a little bit redder than I expected, but I think so far I'm the only one who is "eh" about that haha. I for the most part am happy with it. I will probably keep it darker for a while, but might go a littler bit to the cooler side vs. the warmer next time.

What do you think?

In other news, I finally blew up on one of my nosy, nuisance aunts.

Cliffnotes version, my parents' divorce has turned into my mom against my dad's plethora of siblings. It's funny, I've been trying to remember, but I can't seem to recall a time where my uncle, and two aunts were married to my mom. So it's definitely interesting watching her try to divorce them.

But anyway, because my dad's "camp" is so... extensive, each one of his 6 siblings feels a certain irritating entitlement to weigh in on the situation. My dad is currently living at my grandma's and so talking to my dad means sharing with a potential audience.

There was a point in the divorce where my mom suggested dropping the lawyers and just figuring things out between her and my dad because things have been much more amicable in recent months. My dad agreed, and my mom withdrew her divorce filing. My dad's family then talked my dad into staying on course, and thus making my mom look like an idiot for withdrawing.

Flash forward to today where my dad suddenly decides he'd rather proceed without the lawyers. I was trying to explain to him why it's now too late for that, and because of his TBI (for those who don't know, he had a bad fall in 2010 and suffered a pretty severe head injury. He's since recovered, but his memory is not at all what it used to be... hence how easy it is for his family to whisper in his ear and pull on his puppet strings) it's a little more difficult to get my point across. Getting a little frustrated, I started talking a little louder. This, my nosy aunt took as a cue to come and stick her nose in where it didn't belong.

I can't remember exactly what she said, but it was to the tune of suggesting that I was "harrassing" my dad, and that such conversations shouldn't take place "without a lawyer present."

Not to be disrespectful but... bitch, please. For your information, against my better judgment, I was actually reinforcing the points of the aunts/uncle that talked my dad out of it the first time. So don't come down and get on my case about harassing him, and really don't actually tell me that I'm not allowed to talk to him without a lawyer present. Pssh.

We argued for a second and as she walked away I yelled "try walking in my shoes for a f*cking week."


Yeah, I'm a little disappointed in myself for dropping the f-bomb... especially with my grandma within earshot (honestly didn't even take that into consideration while I was saying it). But I'm going to be honest... while I'm sorry for how I said it, I'm not sorry that I did.

It felt really good to finally give it back to one of them. They have no idea the effect they have on people, and the extent to which they poke around in other peoples' business. She straight up had no idea what she was talking about, yet felt the need to get up my ass about it anyway. So, minus a certain four-letter word... and minus how upset I got afterward, it was pretty darn liberating.

This sounds bitchy I'm sure, but I've been biting my tongue for over a decade, and once this divorce is final, I plan on sending an e-mail to let all of them know just how big of a mess they made this divorce into.

Is that immature?

Probably. I'm still in the "maybe" zone with that one. I guess it depends on the outcome of the last day of trial... Thursday. Woohoo. I love stress!