Monday, May 14, 2012

miscellany monday

hey guys, gals...

I've seen the Miscellany Monday feature for at least a year now, I think, and I've never joined. Since I am, as usual, among the most boring people on the planet Earth and fresh out of posting topics, I thought I'd join up this week, and feel less out of place for rambling on about the miscellaneous mundane.

1. Hope all you momma's out there had a fab mother's day. After spending the bulk of the holiday at work (thanks CB.) I picked up some flowers for my momma and then we went to Flatbread (aka heaven on Earth) for dinner, and Ben & Jerry's for dessert. Love you mommers! :)

2. Friday we had another sleepover at Anthony's house after going to a Concert of Hope held at one of the high schools (Anthony's brother & cousins were in a band). I adore his family. His mom is like, a rock star. There were 9 kids (ranging from age 14-22) staying at her house that night, and only 3 of them were her own. She had an epic buffet for dinner and then made a fabulous breakfast the next morning. My cousin happily came over and took advantage of them as usual, but more on that load of BS later.

3. Saturday night because I am a giant sucker, I was guilted into working. It wasn't so bad because it was a Relay for Life benefit for one of the owner's friend who is sadly losing a battle with pancreatic cancer. Bird (crazy coworker I haven't mentioned in a while) was insane as usual, stressing everyone out, and acting like she didn't need to be there and like it was some huge bother. Um, bitch this is for cancer. Can we maybe have a little compassion and sense of charity considering for whatever reason after ravaging your body in the form of substance abuse, you are still alive and well? Count your damn blessings and shut the hell up for once, please. Anyway, the benefit was packed and looked like a huge success- especially the karaoke.
I got out at about 9:30, and Anthony, his brother Chris, and I made a spur of the moment trip to Mohegan Sun (literally... I had time to change my shirt and leave)... not even a week after the last trip... Addicts? Maybe. But I only lost $6, so, that's not so bad right? Oh, and, then I had to get up for work 4 hours after I got into bed... around 4am ... oopsy. But it was worth it. We saw the same breed of crazy as usual- like giant pink shoes with huge flowers, and no one lost anywhere near as much money as normal. Sounds like a success to me! I love the casino...... hehe.

And, well, that's about all I can scrounge up for this post. Not too shabby, right?

I liked this... I might even be back for another round next Monday!

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