Tuesday, May 15, 2012

it's okay

I've got a confession to make.

And thankfully, I stumbled upon Hey, It's Okay Tuesday, via my blog bud Stephanie, hosted by Amber here.

I think for the time being I'm just going to be unoriginal and hook up with daily blog features until I can solidify my presence here in the blogging world. AKA, find something of substance to post about that people actually want to read about that doesn't necessarily involve shit-talking my cray-cray co-workers or whining about my family.

HA. See you in a few years when I finish school. ;p

So until then, these little gems will have to suffice. Which, judging by the number of people who link up daily, they do just fine. So, without further ado, that confession I was babbling about earlier.......

I'm a dog person. Hands down. They are cute, friendly, fun, playful, and pretty much any other positive adjective in the book. Love them. If I could have all the puppies, I would be up for it (provided they were house trained :p).

Cats, on the other hand... well, I didn't hate them, I didn't even dislike them. I was totally and completely indifferent. Growing up, our pets were always of the canine variety, and the idea of a cat was just kind of "oh, yeah, maybe". Nothing I really put a lot of thought into.

I'm not even really thinking about it right now.

Anthony's cat had kittens three weeks ago, and I'm currently swooning over the furry little bundles of cute. There are six kittens, and four that I could just take home with me.

Problem is, my brother is allergic.

He hasn't always been, and it's nothing serious, I think they just irritate his eyes and he gets stuffed up. Which is the same way I felt after holding them for a couple hours yesterday. So, for me, survey says, worth it!

And, he seems sort of "whatever" about it. Claims he won't pay any attention to the cat so it probably won't effect him too much.


- it's okay that I'm making another spur of the moment pet decision after seeing a cute little face (always a bad idea!)

Exhibit A

- it's okay that I'm deciding this knowing that both my brother and I appear to be allergic to the little cuties

 - it's okay that I'm probably not going to want to pay for everything required for a cat.


- it's okay that I'm going on and on about this and getting attached to the kittens, and probably won't even end up taking one anyway.

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